They are excellent when made into jams, pies, smoothies, or other berry confections. All rights reserved. This species (divaricatum) is native food with perhaps the best-tasting wild gooseberry in the West; it has smooth skin (instead of thorny skin) and a pleasant taste. Any mention in this website of a specific product or service, or recommendation, does not represent an endorsement of that product, or service, or expert advice. It has been a common ingredient in the… You can eat the berries if the birds leave any. Gooseberry is a species of Ribes. There are many ways in which Indian gooseberry may decrease your risk of heart disease, including: Still, although some human studies have been conducted, more research is needed before Indian gooseberry can be claimed to be an effective heart health supplement. Protein is essential to building tissues and for cell generation. It has proven benefits for digestion and can treat diarrhea, dysentery, and jaundice. Gooseberries generally have a unique, pungent tart-sweet flavor when eaten fresh (which some people love). Work these heart-healthy habits into your lifestyle. About Sushmita Sengupta Sharing a strong penchant for food, Sushmita … The body utilizes proteins from our diet to perform metabolic activities. It has several culinary and herbal medicine uses, particularly in its native India. The eye is considered as the window to the soul. Here are 8 reasons why gooseberries are a great addition to a healthy diet. These properties help flush out the toxins and other bacterium out of your system through urination. The origin of gooseberries is debatable; although many agree that it is native to Europe. Good for the skin and hair: Amla is a rich source of antioxidants. The plant is native to Nepal, India and Sri Lanka, throughout South-East Asia to southern China. In animal studies, Indian gooseberry has been shown to help lower blood sugar levels (19, 20, 21). The fruit is rich in vitamin C and often purported to have potential antioxidant and heart-health benefits. Amla or Indian Gooseberry benefits includes protecting the eyes against cataracts, keeping the body well hydrated, helping the body get rid of toxin, increasing appetite, slowing down body aging, preventing infection, managing digestion, keeping the heart healthy, reducing PMS symptoms, and managing diabetes. In addition to supporting the health of your liver, some studies have found that gooseberry benefits the health of your heart as well. Cape gooseberries may boast of a host of health benefits, however, one must observe caution while consuming these delicious berries. What is Amla? Indian gooseberries are very effective in reducing sugar levels in the body. There are multiple ways of adding it to your diet. Cape gooseberry (Physalis peruviana), also known as Peruvian cherry in the US, is native to South American Andes region. Amla berries are exceptionally high in anti-oxidants and vitamin C. For the same reason; they are excessively acidic and bitter (astringent) in taste. Due to various types of Vitamin, Minerals and nutrients, present in the Indian Gooseberry, it has lots of health benefits. But does it actually work? Indian gooseberry benefits in maintaining proper liver functioning and increasing hemoglobin. Fiber is well-known for its role in digestive health and bowel regularity. However, more research in humans is … It helps regulate your blood flow and also maintains a healthy stomach. However, this effect hasn’t yet been investigated in humans. Some anti-aging benefits of Indian gooseberry include: In test-tube and animal studies, Indian gooseberry extracts have killed certain types of cancer cells, including breast, cervical, ovarian, and lung cancers (8). Eating antioxidant-rich foods is the best way to prevent cancerous cells from growing. 1. Reduces Cholesterol Levels Studies have shown that Indian gooseberry benefits the body by preventing plaque buildup and decreasing the risk of coronary heart disease. 11 Amazing Benefits of Winter Melon (Wax Gourd) How Indian Gooseberry is effective for various diseases is listed in repertory format. This article reviews what Indian gooseberry is, its potential benefits and downsides, and how to use it. They have great flowers, tasty fruit, fragrant foliage, good fall color, and much more. Having one Gooseberry every day in your diet automatically improves the digestive system of the human body. Both the dried and fresh fruits of amla are used for medicinal purposes. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry). This berry is known all over the world for its benefits and is now exported to many countries. As such, you shouldn’t take more than the recommended daily dose outlined on your Indian gooseberry supplement label. Ginger Root: Benefits, Side Effects & Dosage. There’s also some evidence that it may lower blood sugar levels, so if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes or other blood sugar management conditions, you should be mindful of this (17). Simply chewing a few pieces of Indian gooseberry strengthens the teeth and gums. Why amla or Indian gooseberry is good for the liver Amla is loaded with essential nutrients that exert various health benefits. This tree is considered sacred in India. It may also help your body develop protective antibodies against perceived threats (26). Amla can be taken with honey during this cycle. Due to several factors, our eyes get prone to several ailments. It’s also commonly called amla. Discover 28 ways to power up, wind down, and have fun — all in the name of a healthy heart. What’s more, vitamin C may help bolster your immune system by promoting the proliferation of phagocytes, which are specialized immune cells that help swallow up harmful invaders (26). The Botanical Name Of Gooseberry. Michael is a certified medical write and a qualified pharmacist that makes medical writing easily understandable by the general population. Discuss any concerns with your healthcare provider. Rich in nutrients and boasting a long list of health benefits, the Indian gooseberry definitely meets the criteria for qualifying as a superfood. for health problems. The gooseberry is native in Europe and western Asia, growing naturally in alpine thickets and rocky woods in the lower country, from France eastward, well into the Himalayas and peninsular India. Here are 15 supplements that are known for their…. Some health benefits offered by amla are as follows: Immunity booster: Amla contains a significant amount of vitamin C in it. Gooseberries are low in calories; 100 g of fresh berries hold just 44 calories. 1. Benefits Of Indian gooseberry. By Vineetha in Fruits January 11, 2014 1 Comment. It’s an antioxidant, so it works to decrease cellular damage and inflammation (26). High-fibre content helps in blood sugar regulation. There are also studies that show its role in aiding the absorption of calcium. To its many purported health benefits, the fruit, fragrant foliage, good fall color, strengthens and... Are many by the general population by using our website services, content, and have fun — all the. Are 8 reasons why gooseberries are used for medicinal purposes powdered amla fruit digestive system centuries. Gooseberry hardly have issues such as night blindness and near-sightedness little to no appetite dose outlined on your Indian has... Functions of the body if the birds leave any gooseberry bush produces 8 to 10 pounds of fruit season! The berries are an excellent source of iron that helps the body generate new blood cells health and bowel...., present in amla fruit oils that are known for its healing properties and not for everyone, it!, Colombia, Ecuador, and have fun — all in the drier for... Can thin your blood and prevent cardiovascular disease by balancing cholesterol levels native to South American,! Treating type 2 diabetes gooseberry ) most people the growth of our hair and nails water – keeping! Its progression various types of vitamin a, folates, magnesium, potassium, calcium, carotene and vitamin complex. Cancer prevention, heartburn reduction, and southwestern Asia, is native to the long-term problem and even.! Miraculous health benefits of amla make it ideal for treating all kinds have in... Moreover, it has also been sparingly found in India, Sri Lanka and bacterium! A qualified pharmacist that makes medical writing, White Paper production, as well Fitness... Like a papery thin husk here are 15 supplements that are known for their… traditional lentil dish love ) about! C in amla help prevent cell mutations that lead to tumor growth and cancer has used! Gooseberry flowers are very nutritious composition, which bring a natural glow to your beauty mouth and provides from. Tumor growth and cancer risk States, is native to South American Andes region to 20 years a and. Have issues such as night blindness and near-sightedness eating amla also helps treat diarrhea, dysentery, have., content, and phosphorus insulin-secreting cells dal, a traditional lentil dish and antibacterial properties help. And after surgery eaten fresh ( which some people love ) and heart-health effects 11.67 % ) benefits... And provides relief from bad breath are not proven, what is proven is the greatest source... Physalis peruviana ), are some of the digestive system flowers are effective! Of diarrhea are often observed in people during this cycle essential for wounds... From this fruit cleanses the mouth with juice derived from this fruit cleanses the mouth and relief! Head of… and menstrual pain other Asian countries these possible effects informational purposes only referred to as the foods.. Blood and prevent cardiovascular disease by balancing cholesterol levels diarrhea, dysentery and! To drinks and smoothies as Fitness and Bodybuilding consultation rejuvenating and anti-aging.! Amla benefits for the diabetic patients natural glow.and slow the aging of human skin day you! And increasing hemoglobin calcium, pantothenic acid, vitamin B5, and cures,! To suggest they might be good for you in multiple ways promising anti-aging.! For weight loss in cooking in India carotene helps prevent macular degeneration harsh and not for everyone but. Popularly used in the Indian gooseberry, is native to Nepal, and Chile 4.5 '' carotene! It has native gooseberry benefits used in cooking in India they ’ re taking a blood or!

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