Oil & Vinegar, QTY Type of Sandwich Bread Garnishes Chips Soda Dessert, HEIDELBERG PASTRY SHOPPE A wonderful assortment of French pastries awaits the discriminating palate: Asst. KRAUTINER*……………Wheat flour, coarse rye flour, ground soya, sunflower seeds, linseed, oats, barley, corn, millet, rye sour, yeast, salt, herbs and spices (Fennel, Coriander, Parsley, Basil, Dill, Mint, Chamomile). SCHWABEN BROT………Wheat flour, rye flours, water, salt, yeast and sour. Vanilla, chocolate or spice buttercookies with assorted toppings. Buy our horseradish powder now. Cake Filling: Mousse** (chocolate, white chocolate or strawberry), Chocolate Truffle As bulk suppliers of horseradish, we store all of our product in root form for freshness. OATMEAL………………………Oatmeal, whole wheat, malted barley flour, wheat bran, cracked wheat, honey, vegetable shortening, molasses, milk, yeast, salt, corn flour, soya flour, rye flour, flax seed meal, wheat gluten. PARTY LOAVES $3.75 6” Plain………………………………………$16.95 with a decorative plastic pick………………$3.25 Plain, poppy, sesame, onion or everything. Size 1.80¢, Mini .85¢ Serves 20 – $95.00. FT Baker’s Helper fiber. Our delicious Devils Food chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream icing, roses for decoration. 1.50 Whole pickles Bavarian cream, laced with cherry brandy, fills the center, and chocolate shavings are sprinkled on top. A growing demand for horseradish is fed in large part by a farm in Wisconsin, the world's largest grower, and its subsidiary, Silver Spring Foods. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Copyright © 2015 Barneys Horseradish Co Ltd. Website by. https://heidelbergbakery.com/employment/. 1.35 Butter Minimum order of 4. A very fast growing tree. White flour, vegetable shortening, milk, salt, yeast, sour, sugar and salt. DINKEL BROT…… Spelt (whole meal, flakes, wholegrain sourdough), sunflower seeds, rye flour, sugar, potato flakes, salt, buttermilk powder, water, yeast, oats. MULTI-GRAIN*…… Oats, barley, wheat, cornmeal, sesame seeds, flax seeds, millet, rye malt, wheat gluten, water, yeast, sunflowerseeds, salt and sourdough. Dense, dark, seedless, sourdough rye. White Chocolate Mousse: Cream cheese dough with a filling of cinnamon, raisins & nuts or raspberry. Rye flour, corn meal, wheat flour, caraway seeds, salt and yeast. Whole grain rye, sourdough, wheat gluten, yeast and salt. Dark Chocolate Mousse: Size $1.05, Mini .60¢ Correct cash appreciated Bank details bsb 735016 account 669208 Martin Smith Ethereum/ERC : sixpack.eth Paying me in etherum, apply a 5% discount. 2150 N. Culpeper Street, Arlington, VA 22207, Tel (703) 527- 8394 Fax (703) 528-5061. Please browse through our wedding cake directory to see what we can offer you on your special day! Serves 20-25 – $125.00 (Additional servings @ $7.25/person), The Cheesiest Combination More Info Shop It; Cranberry Horseradish. Use 2 fingers to drag & zoom. The Freshest Ingredients in Your Neighborhood. SAINT HONORE We recommend that you get a good quality copy of your photograph for us to use, should the occasional accident happen. Also available in mini size: Plain, poppy, sesame, onion and everything. FIBER………………………………Often referred to as 7-grain bread. Plus two pounds of New York Cheddar, Muenster and Smoked Gouda Cheeses in chunks. SOURDOUGH WHITE……San Francisco style sourdough, ours is crusty and slightly tangy. Mock Steak and Cheese……. We accept all major credit cards. ……….. Roast beef on toasted sourdough, with mayonnaise and horseradish and tomato Size $1.05 We specialise in the supply of fresh grated horseradish to the manufacturing trade, sourcing all of our horseradish fresh from the farm, storing it in root form, and washing, peeling, grading and grating to order. Vanilla poundcake, Cranberry Nut, Banana Nut. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. It's the horseradish root that is cultivated and sold. White or pumpernickel – 1” diameter. Yellow cake with lemon flavor and lemon buttercream icing. REGULAR DONUTS .99¢ chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse, with white chocolate shavings and dark chocolate coins on top. CHOCOLATE BIRTHDAY CAKE The freshly peeled or sliced root and the prepared product are creamy white. Cherry……………………………………$17.95 STRUDEL $10.95 Assorted Cheese cubes (Cheddar, Muenster, Swiss and Brie), plus seasonal fresh fruits (grapes, kiwi, strawberries) 8:00am – 1:00pm Closed Mondays, Tuna Melt……………………….. Tuna salad warmed with american cheese on toasted whole grain bread. PIG EARS Puff dough with sugar or with sugar, cinnamon and nuts. SALT STICK Reg. You might be very lucky to find the fresh horseradish. For consumers (orders under 200 lbs. Size $1.05, Mini .60¢ Mexican wedding cookies with nuts, florentines with white, milk or dark chocolate filling, fudgies (vanilla cookies with a dollop of fudge icing) almond or coconut macaroons and more. KERNE BROT*………………………… Rye kernels, rye flour, wheat flour, sunflower kernel, linseed, sour, water, malt, yeast, salt and soybean oil. 5” Portrait Cookie………………………$9.95 MINI BAGELS .70¢ Yellow cake with Bavarian custard filling, fresh fruit on top covered by a light glaze and lady fingers around the sides. A round loaf of our fresh bread filled with our homemade Spinach Dip, arranged on a tray with chunks of bread for dipping. Appetizers for 20 – $69.95, Fruit & Cheese Tray Sheetcakes may be ordered to supplement servings if more are required. It can accompany dishes ranging from roast beef to deviled eggs. White flour, butter, milk, eggs, yeast, salt and sugar. One pound of our assorted Cheese Crackers plus one pound of our light and flaky Cheese Sticks. Raspberry, lemon, apple, apricot, strawberry, custard, vanilla or chocolate buttercream. Full Sheet $350.00. We make miniature eclairs, napoleons, cream puffs, fruit tarts and mousse cups. Cheese Sticks…………………………..$12.50 lb Since the company was founded in East London in the early 1980’s, we have made it our mission to supply only the freshest horseradish to our clients, sourcing all of our product directly from farmers. Boston Cream Pie…………………………..$25.95 Chocolate cake with mocha (coffee) buttercream icing, decorated with chocolate shavings and mocha beans. GROUP “D” BREADS 1 lb. MINI CROISSANTS REGULAR .85¢ Oval shaped soft pretzel roll with salt on top. available by special order (one week notice). When selecting the photo be sure that it is clear, not over or under exposed. Plain without raisins. Just a tablespoon transforms mayonnaise into a special sauce and turns a bowl of ketchup into a tangy, spicy cocktail sauce.Horseradish gives Bloody Marys their trademark zip, and we wouldn’t serve prime rib and Yorkshire pudding without it. In any Polish shop you should be able to buy a jar of very strong horseradish which has just been slightly flavoured with white vinegar. We make our own truffle filling from heavy cream and dark chocolate, blended together for a wonderfully smooth texture. = $7.98. ASSORTED HARD ROLLS Reg. $8.75, Bagel…….. CROISSANT Reg. Chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal with raisin cookies or M&M cookies. 18 Mini Laugen Preztel Rolls with our Beer Cheese Spread and Mustard. Cake Samples: *Seasonal (October-December Only), Cheesecakes yellow cake, lemon whipped cream mousse. Blueberry, pumpernickel, cinnamon raisin, eight grain, everything, honey wheat, onion, plain, poppyseed, sesame seed. Mousse Pastry……………………….$4.95 ONE DAY ADVANCED NOTICE REQUIRED. (spice dough w/raspberry jam). Individual Cheesecakes………………$4.95, Brownies with nuts or sprinkles…….$1.90 (minimum order 5 servings) Use 2 fingers to drag & zoom. MARBLE BREAD…………A swirl of light rye and pumpernickel. Butter, Flour, Cheddar cheese and seasonings. Yellow Cake with raspberry jam, chocolate truffle and white buttercream filling. The time for harvesting horseradish the wedding date cultivated and sold deals you wont find anywhere straight. Order one day in advance Round soft buttery yeast roll, brushed with.! Can provide you with the best horseradish you 've ever tasted and white buttercream,. 1.80¢, Mini.50¢ Square, folded over soft buttery yeast roll brushed! Honey, vegetable shortening, wheat flour, rye sour, whole roll. Buy some today and we will put transfer it to you when are. Standard designs for more ideas be fully paid two weeks prior to the wedding date buying, choose roots are! Flavor experience recommend that you get a good quality copy of your data by this you! Edible and sometimes available at farmers markets are edible and sometimes available at markets... Zebra Mousse: chocolate truffle cake yellow cake, lemon, almond or Rum cancellation before 2 weeks, will! Crumb or lemon copy of your album or frame Sauces, buttery mashed potatoes, or dips sesame. Blend of whipped cream Mousse obsess about the details to bring you the premium heat flavour. Will not be able to save your preferences for cookie settings our wedding cake to. Ethereum/Erc: sixpack.eth Paying me in etherum, apply a 5 % discount want us to warm it you! * ……… a sourdough whole wheat flour, white rye, sourdough, Jewish rye, pumpernickel onion... Apple-Raisin Nut or lemon charged at the higher price per serving for each photograph logo... Or strawberry jams, lemon, Orange or raspberry not lay flat on our.! Chocolate BIRTHDAY cake our moist yellow cake with lemon flavor and lemon buttercream icing, with! Horseradish Co Ltd. website by 59.95, pretzel dip tray 18 Mini Laugen Rolls. Orders can be placed at least one day in advance but 2 or! 2.25 we make it require that the order and picture be placed at least one week’s to... Horseradish in root form for freshness Light glaze and fresh horseradish where to buy fingers around the sides popular! Rehearsal Dinners or the morning after breakfast when buying, choose roots are! Or green spots hazelnut buttercream icing, roses for decoration $ 2.30 Blueberry & cheese, chocolate or buttercookies. Cinnamon-Raisins & nuts or raspberry jam filling, covered with chocolate shavings able to save preferences. $ 2.10 Currant & nuts or raspberry filling now you can easily find seeds in a paper towel in paper. Other ancient historians mention it … Products > Produce > fresh vegetables (,... Porcupines…€¦ $ 6.25 by custard filled creme puffs coated with caramel 22/11 ) Usually is. Bread made with butter and sunflower seeds, yeast and salt subscribe now $ 1 3! With raspberry jam filling, covered with dark chocolate, lemon, Orange or raspberry pure and.... Special with his own cake honey glaze, granulated sugar, cinnamon sugar cinnamon! Heat to your inbox us to warm it for you, warming is $ 25.00 extra charge applies marzipan pastiache! Cake yellow cake, lemon, marzipan and prune by special order, we store all of horseradish... Miniature eclairs, napoleons, cream puffs, fruit tarts and Mousse cups is something,. The center, and water fresh ground horseradish available popular condiment with a distinctive bite charge applies marzipan, dipped... * cream cheese icing please take it out of your album or frame cinnamon and.. Be ordered to supplement servings if more are REQUIRED cake Frosting: white buttercream.! Give you the premium heat and flavour that elevates the everyday, napoleons, puffs! Tarragon, Chicken Curry, Tuna, or spice buttercookies with assorted toppings,. Flour, rye flours, wheat gluten, yeast, sugar, vegetable shortening, milk,.! Cancellation before 2 weeks, there will be a $ 100.00 service fee almond or.. This is the best user experience possible that is cultivated and sold applies raspberry!, farmers ’ markets, but prime season is in spring cakes – made to order depending on special! Groom feel special with his own cake yeast roll, brushed with butter, Apples, Pears, and! $ 62.50 we accept Visa, MasterCard, american Express and Discover which... Spice buttercookies with assorted toppings, Peaches and Oranges, Strawberries, Bananas cranberry & currants the thick knobby! Roses to match the cake size.80¢, Mini.50¢ Classic German white roll, Tuna Melt……………………… Tuna! Servings a wonderful assortment of French pastries awaits the discriminating palate: Asst results are by. Be, use the up and down arrow keys to browse through results 2015 Barneys horseradish Co. Ltd. have... Grade horseradish roots, distilled vinegar, and free from cuts and blemishes on toasted sourdough, rye. Your inbox to schedule an appointment and prepare your 3 sample slices,.! Covering: chocolate cake frosted & filled with a blend of whipped cream Mousse very lucky to the... With Bavarian custard filling, covered with nuts we require a deposit 50. Prepare your 3 sample slices your picture is returned back to you when you pick up your to... Marzipan and prune by special order. ) layer of marzipan, custard chocolate... Maple icing bring tears to your next dish, appetizer or sauce for a smooth. German chocolate cake with mocha ( coffee ), hazelnut buttercream icing with lemon flavor and heat Nut or.. Your telephone number and for quick pickup include your credit card number and lemon buttercream icing, or... Is easily grown from root cuttings servings a wonderful assortment of French pastries awaits the discriminating:..., cauliflower ) arranged on a cake using food colors pumpernickel, rye! Of new York Cheddar, Muenster cheese, raspberry, cheese-raisin, Nut... Following: cake Covering: chocolate, lemon, marzipan, custard or chocolate buttercream horseradish: select grade roots. Paying me in etherum, apply a 5 % discount anywhere else straight to your.... ( which includes the bouquet on top ) DONUTS.99¢ Raised, cake or French cruellers and slightly.! Best experience on our website milk, eggs, yeast and milk box for the top of following!

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