The performances seem forced and overbearing. He walks the stage each week, introducing the company’s latest products to his crowd of adoring employees. Please try again later. Synopsis Actual drug use not portrayed. The film also includes mild and moderate profanity, social drinking, a married couple caught on camera while engaged in sex, and depictions of bullying that lead to tragic consequences. A character's married parents are seen in bed having sex over a video camera (clothed), extremely brief. Violence: Plot Keywords. What might happen if some of the information was misunderstood and created a mob reaction? Signup for the Parent Previews Newsletter! Numerous uses of 'Sh*t' throughout the film. Have you ever noticed how some movies have trailers that turn out to be better than the actual film? Open the app and tap Get Started. At first Mae seems to resist his rhetoric of “Knowing is good—knowing everything is better.” However, when she is offered health benefits for her extended family, including her father (Bill Paxton) who is suffering from MS (multiple sclerosis), Mae quickly “drinks the Kool-Aid”. Synopsis The Circle Parents' Guide The character Eamon Bailey (played by Tom Hanks) uses a lot of arguments to convince his audience that his company is trying to protect humanity. Plot Summary We were unable to submit your evaluation. Why is The Circle rated PG-13? Characters often drink alcohol at social events and backyard gatherings. One F bomb in last 3 minutes. Police tackle and handcuff a fugitive. In the script, the characters conclude that secrets are lies. There's a car crash and an offscreen death, as well as threats and characters in peril. Citizens harass a private individual. Is there ever a good reason to keep something confidential? There's a party where multiple young adults, including the main character, are drinking. - The Future Won’t Wait: Design and Technology People are continuously executed via a high-voltage shock. Mae Holland (Emma Watson) thinks she is the luckiest person alive when she lands the job of her dreams at a high-tech company called the Circle. What parents need to know Parents need to know that The Circle (based on Dave Eggers' 2013 novel) is a thriller about a huge tech company. Edit. We were unable to submit your evaluation. The Circle is rated PG-13 by the MPAA for a sexual situation, brief strong language and some thematic elements including drug use. Some medical procedures are shown and medication is ingested. Circle App for Parents Get Started with Circle on your NETGEAR router by downloading the Circle app. A man accuses a woman of getting a boob job. The deaths may be intense for some viewers. Is the general public informed enough to weigh in on all topics? Home Video Notes: The Circle Circle (II) (2015) Parents Guide Add to guide . He also preaches the ideology of a transparent society, where the collection of data and camera images will hold people accountable for their actions – and hence create a responsible community of human beings. When images of this event are shown on the internet, some sexual discussion ensues. How does Eamon Bailey use her motives to the company’s advantage? The character Eamon Bailey (played by Tom Hanks) uses a lot of arguments to convince his audience that his company is trying to protect humanity. That is definitely the case with this one. And when she starts getting recognition from Eamon Bailey himself, she even turns a deaf ear to the concerns of co-workers such as her buddy Annie (Karen Gillan) who is burning out from job stress, or the software’s original developer Ty (John Boyega) who is disheartened by the way his invention is being used. If the main character can’t hear the warnings from her parents about giving up her privacy, or see the problems with handing over her agency to an all-powerful corporation that has no restrictions on how they use such information or power, how are young audiences supposed to see the dangers of Mae’s situation?

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