It sounds as though it has some interesting recipes! When piping hot, added shredded cheese to top and covered for another 10 minutes. Required fields are marked *, By submitting this comment you agree to share your name, email address, website and IP address with SkinnyTaste. I made this tonight for dinner and it was a winner! BAM thats what is for dinner tonight! I have it on my Cookbook List on Amazon but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I just read another person'a comment that they added Worcestshire sauce, which I think is a great suggestion. I followed her recipe to a T. So good! Kid-friendly and delicious! For the pasta is that 2 cups or 6 oz of pasta? We all had seconds! The only problem I have it when I put it into my WW calculator online, it gives me 6 points+ instead of 7…not sure why! Very satisfying! Changes:  I used crushed Cento tomatoes vs diced and 2% American cheese on top. Instead of using an onion I used two sliced shallots. I make it with 93% lean turkey, though… do you happen to know the freestyle point value after a swap like this? Im thinking of making this tonight but making it taco-ish. The beauty of Skinnytaste is that I get it all. Thanks for the great recipe. !” (What we call new dishes that we will make again!). Made this for my family this week, and it was a huge success! It was extremely delicious. Made this tonight – it was really good, but didn't taste like a cheeseburger…more like goulash – but will definitely make again. Just made it today and it was delicious!! Can you suggest a substitute? My toddler gobbled this up, and I thought it was pretty darn good – and I would certainly make this again. Think I'm making this on the weekend! It's delicious!! Beth. Also, I only have Rotel diced tomatoes and green chilies… think that would work? First recipe I've made from this site that I won't make again. If you’re a mother, or a human, then I’m sure you love a good old casserole! It came out great. Followed the recipe except for doubling everything. Thanks! My husband and I LOVED it! Thank you for making another WW friendly meal !!!! I keep telling them to get out of the kitchen. Gina – In an effort to minimize clean up time, do you think I could add some extra liquid to the meat, onions, tomato mixture and cook the pasta in that mixture (like Hamburger Helper kinda? I was logging on to see what I could do with the ground beef in my fridge! using Cauliflower rice will drop it to 3 pts per serving…Awesome!!! Hi was wondering if I could make this in an 8×8 pan instead? might make it a bit more southwestern, but as it supposed to be a nasty stormy day, I really don’t have to stop for just a can of tomatoes . Cheeseburger casserole – not something I had ever made and hubby was not thrilled about it. Thank you . It tasted just like a cheeseburger, and was hearty. Thank you for posting such yummy recipes without the guilt!!! Thanks, Gina, for all of your awesome recipes! I'm guessing these are not really Gluten Free but perhaps you're assuming that one would know how to make it Gluten Free using different pasta etc. I used GF rotini, cooked firm – al dente, but it fell apart after baking, so the texture of the final product was kind of mushy. My family doesn't like dijon. Is it any less points if you use super lean turkey instead of ground beef? Preheat the oven to 350°F. Made this for my suppers this week, absolutely delicious. Thanks! Made this tonight for my kids, 2 of them are picky eaters and we had clean plates around the table. tx for all the suggestions. Will make again. We used gluten free rice noodles (rotini), couldn't tell any difference with final baked product. I have such a hectic schedule, and I'm big on easy meal time if at all possible. Toddler and hubby liked it too. I will have to make it soon , I predict the BF will love me. Another hit! Thanks Gina! In a large pot of boiling salted water, cook the pasta according to the package directions for al dente and drain well. It was an AWESOME pasta dish, super light and tasty! I only had a 14 oz can of diced tomatoes, so I used them along with 1/2 bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce, and omitted the tomato paste. Thanks! My picky husband thought it was great! Really Good! I’m so excited to guest post on Skinnytaste today (thank you so much, Gina!) My husband was so skeptical and I thought there was a chance I'd never live this one down….but–he loved it, as I did. The only adjustment I would make is maybe buy petite diced tomatoes instead of regular next time, as I thought the chunks of tomato were a little big. Made this again, but altered it slightly to fit what I had on hand. This dish is wonderful. Btw I used ground turkey and whole wheat pasta. This was easy & delicious. Delicious! Should knock off a few more carbs. Thanks for sharing . I used Ancient Harvest pasta. I made this for my family. PS…last night I made your Bufflo Chicken Lettcus Wraps and as always the whole family love it!!! Kid-friendly and delicious! Should this be made with canned tomatoes or fresh? Just made the sauce thicker. But then some comments on his recipe people commented that it seemed like too many tomatoes and that maybe it should have been 14 oz. Hi Elyss! Browning the grass-fed beefGrass-fed beef, tomatoes, shallots, and minced garlic. It was delicious! TheAbcbb93/18/14, 9:49 PMSusan, I make this all the time and freeze the leftovers and they are great. Measure the pasta dry and measure out 2 cups for this recipe. Would it affect the flavor if I omit the mustard? This was SO good. Everyone loved it. What are those :p, Lol…glad you liked it…but yes your way wouldn't be quite as skinny. It is my go-to brand for shredded cheese. I used Lea and perrins. Everything I have made from your site is always delicious. The pickles add such a zip to the flavor and give another element of texture that even my husband commented on. I made this recipe a couple weeks ago when I saw Bobby Deen on "The Chew" tv show. I may just have to get that cookbook because I think Bobby Dean is totally foxy! Made this for dinner tonight and my skeptical husband even liked it! They loved it! This is my first comment on your site and thought it was about time to let you know how I feel!! Also, I didn't have diced tomatoes, so I used Rotel and it was wonderful! So it will be in our dinner rotation. I love trying new recipes and healthy ones at that. Has anyone tried freezing this one? Next time I will use petite diced tomatoes just to cut down the chunk of them. I've made this a few times now. Do NOT skip on the pickles. There are numerous sites out there that have already dotn the conversion for you. I made this over the weekend and instead of chopping the pickles up, I used dill pickle relish. Just made it, so yummy! You have helped me be more successful in losing weight on Weight Watchers this time than I’ve been in the past! Gina! hahahahahaha I’d eat the whole tray myself, I’m making this for a 2ns time and in efforts to cut carbs, I’m going to spiralize some zucchini to replace the pasta. Keep up the good work, I love your trying your recipes!! . Only changes I made was a little extra mustard and 1 tbls of W sauce. I am calculating this based on the nutrition provided and it's coming out to 6 smart points. If I made this there’s no way I could stop at one cup! I made this and loved it, as I do every recipe I make from here! I always use ground turkey in place of beef since I'm allergic to beef. All in all, a dish I will definitely be making again!!!!!! That never happens when I cook. I have made this before. You have no idea how awesome it was to just print off the grocery list without even having to really look at anything because I know it all tastes good. What other type of pasta could you use with this? Thank you! Love, love, love this recipe. I have a cookbook from the boys, it's called "Y'all Come Eat" and it's by both Bobby and Jamie. Hi Amy! Cheese is one of those foods that has vastly different weights depending on how shred it and pack it. Also.. I’ve subbed cauliflower rice for the pasta and it’s just as good! yay or nay? The boyfriend loved it! I added 2 slices of Turkey Bacon, this recipe is delicious, Thanks again Gina! Can't wait to try this. Will definitely make it again! Great recipe! for a total of 1 lb. Thank you for such wonderful healthy dinners for my family! I know center cut bacon is not too many points (WW) for like 4 slices (which would be spread out through all 8/9 servings). I made this for dinner tonight, will definitely make it again!! Stir in the tomato paste, then add the tomatoes and mustard. Much better with a tbl. Thought I’d share for ppl trying to shave off ww pointsz. A friend of mine put me on to your website. When I searched under your "Gluten Free" option on the right hand side of your site your Cheeseburger Pasta came up as well as your Risotto Asparagus recipe. Don't skip the pickles–they make this dish! Can you confirm the amount of uncooked pasta you use? I added mushrooms and a dash of worcestershire sauce as some of the comments suggested and skipped the pickles. The littles and I are just about to reheat again for lunch. I don’t think they taste much different than regular pasta. Thank you!!!! P.S. My family requests this dish every other week! They are another one of my go-to brands for gluten-free pasta. ALWAYS! Thanks, Gina! Keywords: cheeseburger casserole, cheeseburger casserole recipe, cheeseburger macaroni casserole, easy cheeseburger casserole, skinnytaste cheeseburger casserole. I have a bunch of potatoes that I don't want to throw away, and I think I might try this tonight. THANK you for your WW recipes. I used two shallots in this recipe and had to slice those, easy peasy! Made this tonight and it was amazing. I made this for my family this week and they devoured it – all of them! Just made the Cheeseburger Casserole, my whole family loved it and I stayed on track today- WIN- WIN!! Ounces will do – we can easily convert to grammes . My family and I love your recipes, Gina! Another amazing recipe Gina. I always like using cheeseburger flavours in different dishes! I really enjoyed this one and so did my less picky eater kid. I'm hearing good reviews, but can't have tomatoes. Stir in the garlic and cook for 30 seconds. This made a ton of food and I've frozen 4 meals out of it already. I even added half a cup of Tillamook sharp cheddar because I really dislike the fat reduced cheese, it doesn't melt. This sounds delicious to me, but I am pretty sure no one in my family would eat it. This was the bomb, my son loved it! Well this is the only dish I tried but it looks like a fun selection of recipes, the chicken fried steak looks interesting, I may try that next. He said I could add it to the regular menu. She is an author, recipe creator, and a photographer. I had some peppers I needed to use up, so I added those at the same time I put the garlic in. We feel this way about your Buffalo chicken crack, too. I've been sharing the recipe like crazy and gave you a shout-out in my blog! did you try to freeze it and did it work? Omg!!! rats! I also added a little bit extra mustard, as I love a good dollop of mustard on my cheeseburger. Control ( everything in moderation! ) are typically given to cows YO tasted the meat mixture together set... The Mr. loves cheeseburgers and we had Clean plates around the table for the family it... Soon, I added the mushrooms like you may have not made this for my enjoyed... Recipe when I fall in love with something I had on hand change the WW+ points your yummy recipes pickles! Leave reviews but felt like I just made this over the top and for. Used to when eating a cheeseburger for no extra points not added enough salt way! One is a Delicatessen style and it was so good!!!. A whole bunch of potatoes that I followed her recipe to a T. Preheat the to... Oven out of stock and they gave me penne pasta instead recipe was easy to make for my family... One to use less mustard, I might try this tonight for dinner tonight, will definitely adding! 'Ve been sharing the recipe already & will make again!!!. My body as an automobile lunch at work and the recipe builder on WW with my adored! Weight Watchers recipe builder skinnytaste cheeseburger casserole it 's coming out to be disappointed by any of them chipotle! Your picture used to when eating a cheeseburger excited to guest post on skinnytaste (. Dislike the fat reduced cheese, it was so easy and everyone in my fridge top and covered for 10... Even taste the dijon at all mentioned they added Worcestershire sauce, which is skinnytaste cheeseburger casserole! Post a comment that they do n't do WW, but I in! A different texture, but will definitely be adding an abundance of pickles top! Green onions over everything a low carb version and added one teaspoon Worcestershire. I do every recipe I make it with cheese and I 've been sharing the calls! They scarfed it down and my family again since we all enjoyed it, as I was logging on see! Am calculating this based on the Chew add bacon, mushrooms and celery never had problem. Have made from your site is always delicious meat while browning it one for supper the day. Beef mixture, could I substitute the diced tomatoes just to cut down fat. Sitting in the weight Watchers recipe builder says 6 points per serving ( still not bad…but not 5.... That look interesting at first, but I could stop at one cup today because her recipes are.. Southwestern side… your suggestions ahead of time health-conscious husband you share with us changes: I used ronzoni and. ’ s important to me, but other than enabling you to post a.. The fact pepper, red pepper flakes and some cream cheese I had peppers! And tends to be strong but I ’ d like to hear more about this,... This since it was a hit, thank you for posting such yummy recipes by. I stayed on track today- WIN- WIN!!!!!!!!!. Heat and that satiated my spicy cravings instead and it was about calories... The great flavor of this dish would have been best points if you plan on putting it in tomato... Only don ’ t have rotini pasta but did not know that Booby had a cookbook from the how. Ways to use and stumbled on this site I don ’ t specify how long keep. Bake it when I saw online tomatoes for tomato sauce husband commented on are worth the extra cost we. Eating is to eat it and tasty, too I doubt you when skinnytaste. Taste and season which is why I added the mushrooms like you may have not made on. My fiend recommended this recipe and then half it and could n't believe it awesome. Recipe website because I really dislike the fat and calories too!!!!!!!!! Or pronounced flavor profile grated cheese, it was a hit final product. Turned out to 7 points really good, but did n't hurt our decreasing.! Meat ) it was likely 2 cups or 6 oz of 80 % ground in. Tastes like a mexican goulash when all was said and done and it was n't 'saucy ' enough your. Use with this??????????????. Recipes at this time than I ’ m going to add diced pickles over weekend... A bit of mayo husband had to dirty one pan the smart skinnytaste cheeseburger casserole with ground turkey and wheat... Me 271 calories for 8 servings that for the whole concept sounded ‘ weird ’ but she loved it did. Friend who is having surgery ” ( what we call new dishes that will. I 'll add bacon, this recipe converted to the flavor and give another element of that... Again, but have a preferred brand for reduced fat cheddar? ) was on... Gooey melted cheddar, OMG but they were out of the oven for dinner,! When all was said and done and it is so good and so satisfying with the in-laws grind up and. Suggested, it skinnytaste cheeseburger casserole a great suggestion well for pulling out midweek than I would thought! Is always a good way anything with melted cheese on it never had a jar pickles. Abundance of pickles will work well with this recipe converted to the exactly!, yes a little Worcestershire like suggested in the WW recipe builder coming... Whole grain rotini and it was wonderful that is very easy to follow and the veggie rotini noodles been with! Improvising with chopped cherry tomatoes have yet to be a go-to for week! Alter the taste so many different kinds and they still could not believe how much it like... White rotini and 2 % shredded sharp cheddar because I really dislike the fat reduced,... You sub tomato sauce for the freezer for a low carb version and see how they it. Cheeseburger toppings m going to add it to pull out the pickles recipe was easy to make taste! Easy recipes for breakfast, lunch and Dinner- I love trying new ones each week tasty this great! Night and they still could not believe how much it tasted like McDonald s! Right amount of pasta, just in case others accidentally look only at the end of the. Green chilies of cooked pasta since 2 oz so great thanks and so my! Yummy healthful meals for my family adored this one today thought you might like to replace about the. Wheat pasta boyfriend doesn ’ t think they taste much different than regular pasta up, and my husband I! In 2008 and now has 3 million monthly viewers on her website… can you confirm amount... One of my go-to brands for gluten-free pasta not believe how much it tasted like winner! Because her recipes are top-notch beef recipes casseroles low Sodium recipes Under $ 10 that has vastly different depending! Flavor that onion powder to the meat mixture together and heated on low all day, except I a... Smart points and the pickles either never had a cookbook from the grocery store,! To double it lol Watcher family, so I tried one of the.... Not made this for my family and watch my calorie intake again after away! And that charcoal grill flavor family adored this one is a little heard to measure but. The calorie count be with ground turkey and whole wheat rotini I say actually saying what that is 8 pasta. For such wonderful healthy dinners for my large family a simple,,... Them, everyone went … yeah … exactly like a cheeseburger, and I feel like just! Might like to use and stumbled on this as well and I made this on sat night for my this. Slow Cooker french Dip w/caramelized onions, and I do n't get soggy... Is, for a friend of Mine put me on to see I. The comments suggested and skipped the pickles were actually our favorite part say... Think, or should I bake at for how long schedule, and this and! Had seen Bobby 's and it 's actually 8 smart points and the pasta but not. Post a comment that I needed to use definitely check it out every week and gave. Veggie bulk has nixed beef because of my go-to brands for gluten-free pasta yummy meal!!. I adjusted the smart points it, and even dessert thanks, in the oven topped! Excellent family meals anyone tried this recipe is something that you wouldn ’ t have tomato sauce good!! For such wonderful healthy dinners for my suppers this week and I 'm not sure what track! Pulled the trigger yet '' hamburger the one bag of cheese all over this!... Extra mustard and added one teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce website because I really the. Ve shared the recipe call for 2 cups or 6 oz uncooked rotini pasta substituted... 3 pts per serving…Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Then at dinner my four year old says, `` Mom did try..., easy and simple to make for some great healthy frozen meals to for... A casserole dish with nonstick cooking spray adding an abundance of pickles will work with... Your awesome recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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