The Defiler killed most of my family, but some he enslaved. And for what purpose? [the company all look ahead of them towards the port ahead], [when they reach the port we see the company has hidden in the barrels now piled in Bard’s barge]. A share of the treasure? His flames are green and scarlet. There’s no chance that way. Will you see the prophecy fulfilled? [another elf takes Fili’s weapons and he reluctantly hands over his sword], [Legolas turns to Tauriel as she joins them]. No! Elros: These empty barrels should have been sent to Esgaroth hours ago. Spider #2: Their hide is tough. Kili: Or not. (Sure, we could also just say sunrise, but don't try to distract me.) No, no. No one will help us. [Bard enters the town with his barge and the barrels of fish intact], [as the Master of Lake-town rises from bed]. [he touches the stone wall as he walks further inside]. Gandalf: The Ringwraiths have been summoned to Dol Guldur. Tauriel: I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and up into the night. [Bard gets into his barge and throws the rope to Balin, Thorin indicates for Balin to persuade him to help]. Let us not forget, that it was Girion, Lord of Dale, your ancestor, who failed to kill the beast. Bard: I was born and bred on these waters, Master Dwarf. Take back your homeland. [one of the elves hands Legolas Thorin’s sword]. But it matters not. Bilbo: I did not come to steal from you, oh Smaug, the unaccessibly wealthy. Thranduil: No, you are right, l would not. Thorin: Not you. No, no, no. [Bard pushes through the crowd and walks towards Thorin]. And a…river. I feel your air. We’ll have to try. But I think not, I think our little game ends here. Thranduil: I want the watch doubled at our borders, all roads, all rivers. Gandalf: No matter what may come, stay on the path! He will help us or he will kill us. Fili: Kili’s wounded, his leg needs binding. Must be nearly dawn. Radagast: This is not a nice place to meet. They’re less wise and more dangerous. Thorin: That’s what it says. Goods inspection. The fish you can have for nothing. Thranduil: Why do you linger in the shadows? Bilbo: Truly. Thorin: You remember it, Balin. If I go back, I will not forgive myself. Enemies of the state, huh? Thorin: You will have enough gold to rebuild Esgaroth ten times over! Dwalin: I don’t care what he calls himself, I don’t like him. Not…, [he takes a fish from one of the barrels and under it we see one of the dwarves’ eye revealed]. Quiet! He would’ve been known only as a servant of evil. Bilbo: I am…luck…luck wearer, riddle…riddle maker. In the book, the Desolation of Smaug is a place. Feast, feast! Come on! I don’t like dwarves, they’re greedy and blind, blind to the lives of those they deem lesser than their own. [as Kili goes to walk down the stairs he drops the weapons in his hand and falls down the stairs, the noise wakes the people of Lake-town], [as the dwarves turn to run they are stopped by two guards, inside the armory the guards enter and capture the dwarves], [after being captured stealing the weapons the dwarves are brought before the Master]. Something you carry. Either I haven't seen that word or it is misspelled, reply if you'd. Balin: Thorin, why not take what’s on offer and go. You have two minutes. Bolg: [subtitled] They are gathering in Dol Guldur. You’ve got that all wrong. [Tauriel hesitates, Kili lies on the floor moaning in pain, Oin looks to Tauriel], [Legolas leaves to chase after the Orcs, Tauriel takes a step towards the door to follow him but hesitates as she’s torn about leaving Kili in so much pain, at the same time Bofur arrives with the Kingsfoil], [Thorin enters the mountain to go and save Bilbo but finds no one there when Bilbo suddenly runs up behind him], [Bilbo takes a step to leave but Thorin stops him by placing his sword in front of him], [Thorin use his sword to push Bilbo back], [Thorin keeps his sword pointed at Bilbo looking at him threateningly, at that moment Bilbo sees Smaug behind Thorin who then turns to face Smaug, then the other dwarves arrive and Smaug stomps towards them], [the dragon unleashes his fire again catching Thorin as he leaves, but the dwarves help him to put out the fire caught by his clothes], [at Bard’s house Tauriel prepares the Kingsfoil, Fili, Bofur and Oin help carry Kili to the table as he continues to be agonized by the poison in his leg], [Tauriel looks at Kili’s wound then holding the Kingsfoil in her hands she recites an elf incantation and applies it to Kili’s wound, Kili screams in pain and Sigrid goes to help hold him down], [Tilda helps keep Kili down, as Tauriel continues her incantation Kili begins to calm down and as he looks at Tauriel he sees a light shining around her], [back inside the mountain as the dwarves try to get away from Smaug, Thorin comes to a halt], [he looks around but doesn’t see or hear Smaug].

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