accepted the report and thus gave birth to the “Kingston Myth”. E. M. Orlick, the Assistant Physical Director of McGill University knew that Ice Hockey had been played in Montreal in 1875, eleven years before the Kingston game. Finally, Joseph said that “to Creighton should go the credit for the origin of ice hockey in Montreal”. Other claims cannot be supported by the evidence available.”, Brian McFarlane, host of Hockey Night in Canada for 27 years, hockey historian, and author of a host of books on Ice Hockey, told The Hants Journal of Windsor Nova Scotia, “In all of my years of doing research into the origins of the game, I have never seen anything documented in print about the first games of hurley on ice or hockey until I saw Windsor’s evidence that Thomas Chandler Haliburton recorded regarding the game being played by students of King’s College School on Long Pond circa 1800.
In 1740, Irish minister Reverend John O’Rourke wrote passages on a newspaper. Some references are included only to show that a word was in common use and did not need to be explained to the reader. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 In an interview in 1936, he stated, “The Nova Scotia boys defeated Kingston in hockey.”. Ice Hockey was not invented, nor did it start on a certain day of a particular year. Nova Scotia newspapers of the era had chronicled the evolution of the game during the entire period. Starr later produced “Mic Mac” brand sticks which were popular across the country into the 1930s. Members of SIHR can search the collection of early hockey references. A claim that was advanced by Dr. Garth Vaughan in his book "The Puck Starts Here" and by the Windsor Hockey Heritage Society. Sadly, the two boys could not be revived. The sport is known to be fast-paced and physical, with teams usually fielding six players at a time: one goaltender, and five players who skate the span of the ice trying to control the puck and score goals against the opposing team. What Is Ballroom Dance, And Where Did It Originate? The rules of modern ice hockey were devised by Canadian James Creighton. The Boston Evening Gazette, sixteen years earlier, in 1859, printed a story about Winter Sports in Nova Scotia, which told of “hockey” being played in Nova Scotia. After developing for seventy-five years in Nova Scotia, it began to spread to the west coast; a trip which was to take an amazing fifteen years. In 1797, London publisher Joseph Le Petit Jr. produced a print from an artist who has been identified with almost certainty as Benedictus Antonio Van Assen. (Jock) Davidson, resident of Kingston, Ontario, commented in a paper he wrote in 1976, “The first organized hockey games played here (Kingston) are shrouded by both the mist of history and the fog of local mythology.”, Dr. Sandy Young, professor of sports history at Dalhousie University, in his book, Beyond Heroes, “The facts lead to one conclusion: While it is true that very primitive forms of hockey-like games are centuries old, THE HOME OF CANADIAN HOCKEY IS NOVA SCOTIA. This is the earliest eyewitness account known to the committee (in 2002) of a specific game of hockey in a specific place at a specific time, and with a recorded score, between two identified teams. For the previous fourteen years he had been preaching at Saint Matthew’s church in Halifax. Players use a wooden stick with a curved end or a long pole with a long slasher like blade at the end to move a ball or a puck around the playing area. This museum and website trace its evolution. Hockey on ice had been second nature with Maritimes, records show, long, it seems before the game became common in centralist communities. Rev. Over the years, the origin of the game has been misunderstood all across the nation and false claims have been made of the game beginning in both Kingston, Ontario and Montreal. While many Canadian communities have long and rich histories involving the sport, and have undoubtedly contributed to the game's evolution, it is important to rely on documented facts when considering claims on the birthplace of the game.

Ice Hockey, the fastest and most exciting winter game in the world, got its start on the east coast, in Windsor, Nova Scotia. J.A.

Das internationale Hockey wurde lange Zeit von den ehemaligen britischen Kolonien Indien und Pakistan dominiert, die traditionell über technisch sehr versierte Spieler … In 1849 a publication by William Alexander Duer covered years 1783 to 1791 in New York. '” J.W. At each end, the net is guarded by a goalie. Ice Hockey was not invented, nor did it start on a certain day of a particular year. A man who is still North America’s most quoted author, Thomas Chandler Haliburton, born in Windsor in 1796, told of King’s boys playing “hurley on the ice” when he was a young student at the school around 1800. They brought together players from two areas of Canada, Halifax and Montreal, where hockey originated and developed, and also from the two centres where it first spread, Quebec and Ottawa, and produced dedicated players who were dispersed to other non-playing centres throughout North America.”. 2 of the same year. The picture was believed to show a winter scene in December 1796. Not only did the Montreal players use Nova Scotia “hockey”skates, “hockey” sticks, and Halifax “Hockey” Club Rules as they learned how to play the game, they were also taught by a “hockey” coach from Halifax by the name of James George Aylwin Creighton. These were based on faulty information which resulted from incomplete research. The image was seemingly referred to sometime between 1892 and 1896 in the magazine Young England — An Illustrated Magazine for Young People Throughout the English-Speaking World in an article titled "Bandy; or, Ice Hockey" by E. T. Sachs, and included the following passage: "In the old days, and to within quite recent years, the game was played with a bung.

In 1846, Alexander Slidell Mackenzie published Life of Stephen Decatur, a Commodore in the Navy of the United States. John O'Rourke was published in 1874. Two teenage boys were playing an early version of it dubbed shinty on ice, and drowned after the ice caved in. hockey) used in these works need to be supported by other contemporary sources from the years referred to.

Ice and bandy hockey are played on ice but field hockey is played on a grass or special turf. The book consists chiefly of the personal observations of the writer and the accounts related to him by his father, during a period in which neither local paper nor magazine existed to chronicle events. It was two years after the fact, in 1877, that McGill formed it’s first hockey team. One of Canada's premier hockey destinations: Windsor, Nova Scotia. To further solidify the Nova Scotia connection to the spread of Ice Hockey, it should be pointed out that the young men of RMC were first introduced to the game in 1884, when Cadet #149, Roddy McColl, arrived from New Glasgow. The passages alluded to a form of ice hockey being played atop the frozen River Shannon where a sheep roast was being hurled in early January. The place where the game evolved from hurley-on-ice (played locally, on Long Pond, c. 1800) to the modern game played worldwide.

By James Karuga on September 8 2017 in Society. Hockey is a team sport with three variations in which two opposing teams can have 6 players each (11 players each if it's field or bandy hockey). “You probably agree that any account of this national sport should be as complete as possible. This game was also played on the ice by large parties, particularly by skaiters, when there was usually a keen contest.". (Bill) Fitsell, also stated in his 1987 book on hockey history entitled Hockey’s Captains, Colonels and Kings, (The Boston Mills Press), “The three Queen’s – R.M.C. The game was then informally christened a hurling match and crowds watching it seemed to enjoy it. games. The Kingston Claim cited “Shinny” ( a Scottish field game actually called “Shinty”) as having been played in Kingston as early as 1855. McColl is credited by RMC students with teaching them the game, with hockey sticks and hockey skates brought from Nova Scotia. The hand-colored stipple engraving has the inscription"London Published by J Le Petit 22 Suffolk Street, Middlesex Hospital 1st Sep 1797"and measures 4 3/8 (height) x 3 11/16 (width) inches. A couple of miles from where I am writing I found a small print of a youth on the ice on skates, with a hockey stick in the hand, and a bung lying on the ice at his feet. This research is included in the book "On the Origin of Hockey". George Munro Grant, a native of Nova Scotia’s Pictou County was the principal of Queen’s University at that time. In 1797, Joseph Le Petit Jr, a London publisher, published a picture by Benedictus Antonio Van Assen that showed two boys on skates holding sticks with a puck on the icy ground. matches, 1886-1888, which followed the first Montreal games by a decade, were of historic significance to the new ice sport. It originated around 1800, in Windsor, where the boys of Canada’s first college, King’s College School, established in 1788, adapted the exciting field game of Hurley to the ice of their favorite skating ponds and originated a new winter game, Ice Hurley. G. A. Creighton was the leading spirit in the introduction of hockey into Montreal” and added that he “could not recall seeing hockey sticks in Montreal before that time, nor anybody playing hurley or shinny on skates“. The three versions of hockey are field, bandy, and ice hockey. In its modern form, hockey has evolved over the centuries from various early forms. Actually, in 1867, Montreal and Toronto vigorously promoted lacrosse as Canada’s national game and sent organizers to the Maritimes and Britain. It is on wove paper with no watermark and was found in an antique shop in Maine, USA.

This print is more than a hundred years old, which shows that our great-great-grandfathers knew how to enjoy themselves in the winter quite as well as we do.".
Misstatements by Central magazines and broadcasts are quite common but unfortunately there is a tendency to refuse to make corrections. Committee Report of 1943 which supported the Kingston Claim, Orlich wrote, “No amount of eyewash, backwash, or whitewash can convince any individual, who has seen the evidence in my possession, that Kingston has even the slightest shred of an historical claim, either to the origin of ice hockey, or the proposed Hockey Hall of Fame.” In his article, published in the McGill News, he made a case for the game having started at McGill on the basis that some of the players in that 1875 game were McGill students. A Scottish text, written in the early 17th century, shows that shinty was played on ice almost 200 years before the earliest Canadian birthplace claim. The Indian game was languidly taken up here; typically tried on skates. No place in Canada is there written evidence of the game being played any earlier, and since hockey developed from hurley on ice in Nova Scotia, until there is such evidence, I endorse and support the claim of Windsor, Nova Scotia to the birthplace of the wonderful game of hockey.”, Scott Russell, Dec. 2000: Co-Host of CBC Hockey Night in Canada and author of ICE TIME: “The birth of hockey actually started at King’s College School around 1800. Citizen’s Trophy 1913 – Won by the Cyclones, Otherwise, why send to Halifax for sticks, wrote to the editor of the Halifax Herald. The name hockey —as the organized game came to be known—has been attributed to the French word hoquet (shepherd’s stick). This work includes the first known contemporary use of the word "hockey" - predating later records with about 20 years - it also has the first known illustration of the game. Sir John Franklin is best remembered for his surveys of the Arctic, having made four journeys to the region and mapping over 3000 miles of the northern Canadian coastline. Example: Exotic travellers comparing native stick and ball games with bandy or hockey. Many …

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