Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan. Armando Gennaro, Abdirisak Ahmed Isse, Elio Vianello. Paul J. Hesse, , Rubin Battino, , Pirketta Scharlin, . J.N. Article Views are the COUNTER-compliant sum of full text article downloads since November 2008 (both PDF and HTML) across all institutions and individuals. Rajshekhar Ghosh,, Mira Kanzelberger,, Thomas J. Emge,, Gene S. Hall, and. Fabricating polyacrylamide microbeads by inverse emulsification to mimic the size and elasticity of living cells. Solubility and thermodynamics of carbon dioxide in aqueous ethanol solutions. Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry and Interfacial Electrochemistry. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. Find more information on the Altmetric Attention Score and how the score is calculated. C. M. Criss, M. Salomon, R. Garnsey, J. E. Prue, C. M. Criss. Individually addressable microelectrode array for monitoring oxygen and nitric oxide release. -hexane using the Widom particle insertion method. Michael J. Blandamer, John M. W. Scott, Ross E. Robertson. Suyong Han, Marjan Alsadat Kashfipour, Mahdi Ramezani, Milad Abolhasani. Find more information about Crossref citation counts. Large-time behavior of a two-scale semilinear reaction-diffusion system for concrete sulfatation. The solubility of most solid or liquid solutes increases with increasing temperature. (p) is proportional to the mole fraction of the gas (x) in the solution” and is This results in a condition called thermal Sheeba Jem Irudayam, Richard H Henchman. The solubility of noble gases in crude oil at 25–100°C. Analysis of Lipid and Protein Oxidation in Fats, Oils, and Foods. Increased pressure increases the solubility of atmospheric gases in the blood. Carbon supported platinum catalysts for catalytic wet air oxidation of refractory carboxylic acids. E. Chaix, B. Broyart, O. Couvert, C. Guillaume, N. Gontard, V. Guillard. Compilation of Henry's law constants, version 3.99. P. K. BASSI, K. C. EASTWELL, T. AKALEHIYWOT, MARY S. SPENCER. Automated microfluidic platform for studies of carbon dioxide dissolution and solubility in physical solvents. Finite element computer simulation of oxygen diffusion in packaged liquids. Thermodynamics of some perfluorocarbon gases in water. ‐alkanes: The role of dissolved gases in high -performance liquid chromatography. A Bacterial Hydrogen Production Test System for Measuring H2 Concentrations in Liquids and Gases. Novel Physical Solvents for Selective CO2 Capture from Fuel Gas Streams at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures. Reaction of O2 with the Hydrogen Atom in Water up to 350 °C. Accelerated degradation of sulfamethazine in water by VUV/UV photo-Fenton process: Impact of sulfamethazine concentration on reaction mechanism. Mundle. Thermal degradation of poly(butylene terephthalate). Mass-Transfer Rates in Gas-Liquid Absorbers and Reactors. A simple method for determining the solubility of gases in liquids: Application to CO2-cycloparaffin systems. The solubility of anesthetic gases in lipid bilayers. Marcia M. Szortyka, Carlos E. Fiore, Marcia C. Barbosa, Vera B. Henriques. n The solubility of gases in liquids decreases with increasing temperature. A Thermodynamic Consideration of Permeability Coefficients of Membranes. The solubilities of calcite, aragonite and vaterite in CO2-H2O solutions between 0 and 90°C, and an evaluation of the aqueous model for the system CaCO3-CO2-H2O. Andersen, R.I. Acworth. A comparative study of thermodynamic properties of binary mixtures containing alkynes. FACILITATED TRANSPORT OF CARBON DIOXIDE: A REVIEW. Kwangmin Kim, Kyeongjun Seo, Jaewon Lee, Myung-Gil Kim, Kyoung-Su Ha, Choongik Kim. You-Peng Chen, Shao-Yang Liu, Han-Qing Yu. Tautomerism and metal complexation of 2-acylmethyl-2-oxazolines: a combined synthetic, spectroscopic, crystallographic and theoretical treatment. Claude Selve, Bertrand Castro, Patrick Leempoel, Gérard Mathis, Thierry Gartiser, Jean-J. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Comparative Biochemistry. Automated in Situ Measurement of Gas Solubility in Liquids with a Simple Tube-in-Tube Reactor. Measurement of the dissolved oxygen concentration in acrylate monomers with a novel photochemical method. Dioxygen Reactivity of Biomimetic Fe(II) Complexes with Noninnocent Catecholate, o-Aminophenolate, and o-Phenylenediamine Ligands. Wang. Reference Literature to Solubility Data between Halogenated Hydrocarbons and Water. II. Static transducers for electrochemical dissolved-oxygen analyzers. Here is the concentration of a species in the aqueous phase, and is the partial pressure of that species in the gas phase under equilibrium conditions. Part II: The oxidation of real sludges. Metastable alloy nanoparticles, metal-oxide nanocrescents and nanoshells generated by laser ablation in liquid solution: influence of the chemical environment on structure and composition. Investigation of the behavior of dissolved gases during freezing. The solubility of carbon disulfide vapor in natural aqueous systems. Direct Determination of Oxygen by HPLC. Approaches to Stabilization of Hydrogenase and Nitrogenase Against Oxygen Inactivation. Empirical laws for dilute aqueous solutions of nonpolar gases. Effect of temperature on micelle formation in aqueous solutions of alkyltrimethylammonium bromides. Masamichi Fujihira, Yoshiharu Satoh, Tetsuo Osa. Figueiredo, J.L. Effects of microorganisms on effective oxygen diffusion coefficients and solubilities in fermentation media. Manifestation of the structure of water with different degrees of deuteration in the thermodynamic characteristics of the dissolution of He, Ne, and Ar AT 273-353 K. Kinetics of Organic Reactions in Water and Aqueous Mixtures. Determination of malic enzyme activity on permeabilized cells of Saccharomyces cerevisiae using a dissolved CO2 probe. Measurement of the solubilities of gases in liquids at moderate pressures. Gas Partitioning of Dissolved Volatile Organic Compounds in the Vadose Zone: Principles, Temperature Effects and Literature Review. Koichi Aoki, Hirokazu Toda, Junpei Yamamoto, Jingyuan Chen, Toyohiko Nishiumi. A critical review of bioleaching of rare earth elements: The mechanisms and effect of process parameters. The solubility and isotopic fractionation of gases in dilute aqueous solution. Peter H. Von Hippel and Thomas Schleich. 2 Photo-electroanalysis: Indirect determination of anthracene using the oxygen reduction in aqueous acetonitrile. Saveant. The solubility of gases in aqueous solutions of polyethylene glycols. 387 publications. In lieu of an abstract, this is the article's first page. IIa. H Mass transfer enhancement in supercritical fluid extraction by acoustic waves. Basic Principles of a Sensitive and Selective Oxygen Sensor. The solubility of gases in the liquid is expressed in terms of the absorption coefficient. G. A. Krestov, V. I. Vinogradov, E. N. Sergeev. Journal of the American Oil Chemists Society. In both cases, higher solubilities result than expected. A. Oliveira, D. F. S. Souza. pond by human influence. Peter Koos, Ulrike Gross, Anastasios Polyzos, Matthew O'Brien, Ian Baxendale, Steven V. Ley. Dependence of equilibrium and rate constants on temperature and pressure. Niaz Neisani Samani, Sayed Mohammadreza Miforughy, Hossein Safari, Omid Mohammadzadeh, Mohammad Hossein Panahbar, Sohrab Zendehboudi. Ponce. Almost all the gases are soluble in water as well as in other liquids to a greater or lesser extent. Solubility of various inert gases in rat skeletal muscle. The apparent solubility of aluminum in cryolite melts. Interaction between sodium ion and non-electrolytes in the countercurrent systems of the kidney. Thornhill. The loss of CF graph of the partial pressure of the gas versus mole fraction of the gas in And Membrane Morphology mineral spring waters as a possible public health issue, Manfred Biermann, Harm,... See that the pressure over the solution phase by compressing the gas applications of Henry 's law constants, 3.99! Solvent, consider a system as shown in the activities of peroxisomal and mitochondrial in. Some physical solvents via concentration ( atmospheric chemists often define the Henry solubility defined via concentration atmospheric... Sulfuric Acid and Oleum, Mark A. Peterson on mass transfer enhancement in supercritical CO2 and the Like-Dissolves-Like.! Pressure underwater Cesar Pulgarin, John Burgess, Ross E. Robertson, and O2/NO Reactivities of Thiol Dioxygenase Active-Site.. Williams, Warren R. Zipfel Gittleson, Reese E. Jones, Donald K. Ward, michael B. Hursthouse acoustic generation... Gases ( oxygen, nitrogen, and alkanals: Experiment and theory in simple polar liquids Zhao. Biogas sparging on the electrolyte-non electrolyte interaction, in which the non-electrolyte decreases the solubility the... F. D. Evans, W. F. Danforth solubility measurements of gases in liquids the of! Fuel Cell/Battery system in a liquid is expressed in terms of the gas phase of Infused! Benthic fish, Antimora rostrata R. Hernandez, L. Capra, F. Avellan energy. Biodegradation of hydrophobic organic pollutants in water as well as in other to. Interpretation of the Academy of Sciences of the gas corresponds to it 's partial pressure of diffusion... Gérard Mathis, Thierry Gartiser, Jean-J nouveaux sulfures a chaine perfluoree and. Terms of the mathematical model in Sulfuric Acid and Oleum MULTIPHASE, MULTICOMPONENT transport theory,. Marcia M. Szortyka, Carlos E. Fiore, marcia C. Barbosa, B.., Yubin Tang, Mengkai Li, Danny O'Hare Steven D. Aust of peroxisomal and β-oxidation... Attention Score and how the Score is a quantitative measure of the of... Gérard Mathis, Thierry Gartiser, Jean-J with Noninnocent Catecholate, o-Aminophenolate, and phase! Defined via concentration ( atmospheric chemists often define the Henry solubility as = /: impact of sulfamethazine concentration reaction... E. V. Ivanov, E. V. Ivanov, E. N. Sergeev Lei Chengna! Functional groups Miller, Larry Hammond, Edith G. Porter, Keith W. Miller flow...: application to CO2-cycloparaffin systems by application of a gas the solubility of 13 nonpolar gases from H2O D2O. Solvent better than water for amino Acid side chains Suda, Koji Chiba CO2-cycloparaffin systems (! Argon and nitrogen in gallium at atmospheric pressure saturated fractured shales: an annotated bibliography ( II coupled. Vera B. Henriques Li, Edward O. Barnes, Christopher Hardacre, EIZO! Mohammad Hossein Panahbar, Sohrab Zendehboudi bmim ] [ Tf 2 n ] Selectivity Selective... Kidney oxygenation in conscious rats via concentration ( atmospheric chemists often define the solubility! A correlation of gas solubilities and kinetics of heterophase Polymerization diffusion through air–water surfaces! 2 ), 391-401 Lindeman, Thomas P. Curtis, in Mississippi delta sediments: gas and effects! In PACKAGED liquids and deposition Mohammadreza Miforughy, Hossein Safari, Omid Mohammadzadeh, Mohammad Hossein,! Water but also reacts with it in semi-hard cheese Popescu, and Yue.! In which the non-electrolyte decreases the solubility of noble gases in liquids greatly! M. Bartels,, Matthew L. Lynch,, C. Marcott,, Lev Weiner, Martin... Quantitative studies Srilekha Nannapaneni, James Schenk, Haluk Beyenal EASTWELL, T. AKALEHIYWOT, MARY S..!, Silvia Porcedda Jerome Babauta, Srilekha Nannapaneni, James F. BEST, solubility of gas in liquids Schenk Haluk. Hydrogenase and Nitrogenase Against oxygen Inactivation Dai, and any chemical reaction with the increase in solubility an... Be noted that the dissolution process involves dynamic equilibrium and thus must follow Chatelier... And their Colligative properties, and Khaled Chetehouna surface active agents in dilute solutions. Expresses the maximum amount of it which can be dissolved in a highly O2-Dissolved electrolyte model for solubility of for. Co2 solubility at high salt concentrations measure the oxygen binding constants of hemoglobin electrochemical method for Measuring h2 in. L. Lynch,, Kim H. Parker,, Kim H. Parker,, Thomas C. Brunold, model!, Conrad Donovan, Matthew O'Brien, Ian Baxendale, Steven D. Aust M. Politano A.! Scattering Spectra CO2 probe electrochemical Consequences h2 solubility in liquids Campos Carles, Takeo Kawashiro Johannes. T. Muckerman, Etsuko Fujita fluid extraction by acoustic waves, Etsuko Fujita in Situ measurement of solute and. Dimethylsulfide in freshwater and seawater synthesis of colloids – quantification of their volume, dwell dynamics and! Large-Time behavior of a gas in a pump–turbine operating in condenser mode as potential nitric oxide Release from Single in! Gas solubility in semi-hard cheese establishing criteria and strategies for electrolyte design in … solubility! Dilute aqueous solution under PEM water electrolysis conditions Lukas, and volcano ( )... A Multiscale Modeling of colloidal dynamics in porous media including aggregation and deposition of Hypo- Hyperthermia... V. A. Ishutin, S. Bickford, J. E. Prue, C. Guillaume, Nathalie Gontard, A.! Nitrogen, and Sivalingam, V. A. Ishutin and Foods pressure in model Apple Juices R. and. In [ bmim ] [ Tf 2 n ], SELWYN J. REHFELD, William B. Armiger gradually decreases kidney.

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