i-XLR. When it comes to the best for recording and streaming, the Shure’s SM7B is at the top of every best microphone list. If you really need to get going quickly, and don't have the time or patience to save up for one of the other mics here, the Ultravoice XM8500 is a fantastic choice. Audio Technica BP40. Rode PodMic vs. Shure SM7B (with the Rodecaster Pro)! This is because it allows you to easily position the mic for optimal recording, without having to get up and adjust the microphone stand. Plus, the Samson Q2U has a built-in headphone port, so you can monitor your voice recordings on the way in! Rode Podmic. Electro Voice RE20 ... Golden Age Projects D2. One thing to bear in mind with this mic is that it doesn’t come with a shock mount or windscreen. That’s why many of us turn to a Shure SM7B alternative. Electro-Voice has been in the broadcasting game for as long as broadcasting has existed, and their flagship large-diaphragm mic, the RE20, is the main competitor to the SM7B in the pro audio world. This is fantastic for studio recording situations such as in a podcast, or creating content for YouTube. $349.00. Rode PodMic a $99 Microphone is it a Gimmic or the REAL DEAL? This makes the Ultravoice XM8500 brilliant for both singing as well as voice recordings. TX-M2. Thanks to an integrated two-voice switch, you can change the mic’s sound depending on what you are recording. The lower midrange is often where a lot of boominess and muddiness is found, so you can rest assured that the RE320 will take care of this issue for you while adding presence and clarity in the upper mids. Compact Directional On-camera Microphone. Electro-Voice RE320 The perfect alternative to Shure's famous dynamic mic, the RE320 definitely delivers the goods. Both microphones are cardioid dynamics, and are specifically designed for broadcasting. The PodMic is a broadcast-quality dynamic microphone optimised for podcasting. With the voice switch in flat mode, the upper mid boosts are less pronounced, and the lower mids and bass end are practically flat. … The PodMic is optimised for use with the RØDECaster™ Pro Podcast Production Studio, but will also offer exceptional results with any high-quality microphone interface. The dynamic microphone capsule is internal shock-mounted, and uses an integral pop filter to reduce plosive noises. Golden Age Projects D2. The included carry case and mic clip makes this a grab and go purchase, you’ll just need an XLR cable! Audio Technica BP40. Versus, Review Bandrew Scott October 22, 2019 Rode Podmic, MXL BCD-1, Golden Age Projects D2, Art D7, Rode Procaster, … Aston Stealth. Then, I do share my findings and my personal selections. BEST ACOUSTIC GUITAR MIC. That means you can plug it directly into your computer and get recording, without the need for an external interface. The Procaster is kind of like the big brother to the PodMic. SC6-L Mobile Interview Kit. There’s an integrated pop filter inside that grill also, which will help to reduce plosive sounds. Rode PodmicSweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/g0Po9, Golden Age Projects D2Amazon: https://geni.us/gad2, Rode ProcasterAmazon: https://geni.us/rodeproSweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/zMgj6, Electro Voice RE320Amazon: https://geni.us/re320Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/bXbGk, Audio Technica BP40Amazon: https://geni.us/atbp40Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/3QAjd, Aston StealthAmazon: https://geni.us/stealthSweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/yMgyW, Shure SM7bAmazon: https://geni.us/shuresm7bSweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/MOn5o, Telefunken M82Amazon: https://geni.us/telem82Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/xMEyv, Electro Voice RE20Amazon: https://geni.us/re20Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/9kGA3, Electro Voice RE27 N/DAmazon: https://geni.us/evre27ndSweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/PxjKQ, Neumann BCM705Amazon: https://geni.us/bcm705Sweetwater: https://imp.i114863.net/Do0Q2. The SM7B is for sure a pro-level mic, but the problem is, it ain’t cheap. Stereo On-camera Microphone. And it’s easy to see why, when pretty much all the pros (Joe Rogan included) use it. It comes with the mount shown that allows you to position it perfectly, a carrying case, and a windscreen. The internal shock mount keeps the capsule safe from handling noise, and the two-stage pop filter ensures that plosives are kept to a minimum. It is tuned for speech and broadcast use, and works great whether you are recording in a professional studio or a noisy office. The transient response is excellent, making it great for use on high-attack instruments like drums, and its dynamic nature and Variable-D tech makes it a great choice for voice recording. Rode has a number of mics in the broadcast game, from the Procaster, to the Broadcaster, to this little guy, the PodMic. Luckily, the BCD-1 comes with one. You also get a mic clip and desktop tripod stand, and an external windscreen. Disclaimer: Links on this website may be affiliate links, meaning if you purchase a product through the link, it will provide a small referral fee. It has some subtle boosts in the upper midrange, which gives the mic its signature clarity. Only 2 left in stock - order soon. You’ll want to get a boom arm for the best results. Rode Procaster. First I want to note that the selection of any of these microphones is very subjective. The closest alternative is the Rode Procaster at $230. About Us. Electro-Voice RE320 ... Best Under $250: MXL BCD-1.

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