Polo is a team sport that is played while mounting horses. Royal Shrovetide 4. Gaelic football (Ladies') 5. Canadian football 1. Photo: Sports. Arena football 2. Originally by Ranker Sports. Uppies and Downies 5. This is an alphabetically ordered list of sports, grouped by manner of play (individual or team). Articles about sports that per definition have teams, not individuals, as participants. It is one of the oldest known team sports. The objective often involves teammates facilitating the movement of a ball or similar object in accordance with a set of rules, in order to score points. It is a popular team sport in the United States. 1. The core of this list is the 200+ recognized sports with national or international federations. Kemari 8. Sports are defined as physical contests pursued for the goals and challenges they entail. There is also a comprehensive list of team sports that are played around the world. Australian Rules Football 3. This category has the following 84 subcategories, out of 84 total. League (Sevens, Nines,Tag, Touch) 2. Camping 3. Lists about sports for sports people who just can't get enough sports. It originated in Manipur, India, … With over 4 billion followers of football, it is by far the most popular sport in the world. La Soule 7. Considering all of our criteria factors football top most of them we have discussed major factors which makes football’s popularity unmatched.Football’s dominance over the globe is so obvious that it really shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone to see football’s name at the top of the list. It involves using a lacrosse stick to carry and pass or catch a ball and shoot it into a goal. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Team sports. Cornish Hurling 1. Being a part of a team can be one of the most rewarding things a person can do. American football (Eight-man, Flag, Indoor, Nine-man, Six-man, Sprint, Touch) 3. Updated 9 Apr 2020 10.1k votes 1.5k voters 22.6k views27 items. Harpastum 6. International rules 7. Sports that may be played with either opposing individuals or opposing teams are listed twice. Sports that The Best Team Sports, Ranked. Volata 1. Cuju 4. Subcategories. Lacrosse is a team sport that can be played both indoors or outdoors. Association football/Soccer (Beach, Futsal, Indoor) 2. There is undoubtedly more sports than are listed here, there are many regional sports, modified rules and new sports being developed every day (see new sports). Calcio Fiorentino 6. It's a team effort, here! Polo. Team sports are practiced between opposing teams, where the players generally interact directly and simultaneously between them to achieve an objective. It is a team sport and is played between two teams. 1.5k voters. List Rules There's no "I" in team, so no individual sports. Mob Football 2. Union (Sevens, Tag, Touch, Mini)

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