His bandmate Robin Finck frequently uses a Gibson ES-335 for his monster gain tones, too. All about rare & vintage guitars, guitar amps, fx pedals and more! First of all has anybody ever heard a bad sounding ones? Best rated for their hollow body designs, the RG Prestige is one of the most versatile guitars out there. Also the OM-35 the long scale version of the 000 body size. And again I will say that I have never heard a Danny not sound like a Danny through any amp, actually the cheaper the amp the better they sound. It’s low maintenance and very consistent from Tele to Tele. Ask any guitarist out there about what the most versatile electric guitar is, odds are they’ll say the Fender Stratocaster. who did not sharecrop or toil as many of these great men had to do just can’t seem to be able to get that sound from a dreadnought, but when I play a 000 size guitar I feel like Big Bill (Broonzy) himself. #3 Martin D-28: The standard of what an acoustic guitar should sound like. Leo was a god among men. Great guitars, both, but very specific guitars. It marries up versatility, build quality and class, with an astonishing range of tones. Terms & Conditions Apply. Chuck Berry is beyond iconic, and he did it all on a Gibson ES. Maybe some one will combine a number of designs in to one, a les paul with a fender neck we one likes to experiment even a fender tremalo added on and vis versa. 43 years have gone by ad i have NEVER forgotten it. Great lead guitar, awesome rhythm guitar. Eric Johnson’s jazzier moments have seen him leave his beloved Strats in favour of a Cherry 335. On 1985. Short and sweet here. I always marveled how the great bluesman would manhandle the guitars they played, in lieu of the fact that many of them had these enormous hands. Buy a used one that sounds good and be happy you got a good one. #1 Fender Stratocaster: The guitar that defined rock and roll music. #10 Gibson Les Paul Junior: Turn it up and bang away a no frills no brainer. (Frank Ralph’s music) Gansett avenue Cranston Rhode Island 02920. Gibson ES-335 Modeling guitars w/MIDI would be really versatile. Some are way too heavy, I have seen Les Pauls that weighed in excess if 12 lbs, that’s too much and way too inconsistent. Buy Today, Play Tomorrow, Exchange until 2021. These guitars are great, but not perfect. Sincerely, David M Olszewski manonemusic@netzero.net. Go out and buy a half dozen of them right now!!! With meticulous craftsmanship and innovative electronics, this model has a … Top Picks for Beginners: Acoustic Guitars, These are the New Les Pauls: Introducing the Original and Modern Collections, Riff of the Week: "Drop Dead Legs" by Van Halen, Guides: Getting Started Gigging from Home with Shure. The Gibson ES-335 (ES stands for Electric Spanish) was introduced in 1958. I use them for all applications in blues specifically, they are great for slide. This particular mortal (me!) I sometimes wish that I could play my Jr.s more often, but my particular style demands a bit of a more versatile guitar. Bridge pickups are not trebly enough (not pickups themselves I believe it’s a design flaw). His particular problem was feedback and so his signature Lucille models did away with the f-holes in favour of sealed-off chambers. Here’s a hint or two on picking a good Paul – from me to you: #1 if the neck pickup has a high endy squawky “cut” you are well on your way. Heavy strings versus light etc. As a famous musician and a respected guitarist, his decision to opt for the Dot is notable. Members; Anyparktos 0 Posted January 26, 2011. Inspiring guitar-mangler Joey Santiago from the Pixies is another Rock player who prefers Gibson ES guitars. BB must have played loud. A one trick pony. Let’s say… they are a respectable 9 out of 10! Know where I can buy one or when you strummed a chord the. Mind the narrow neck profile he ’ s maiden voyage into the uncharted world of guitardom has a 25.5 and. Beloved Strats in favour of a player like Butler, though, ’... Versatile of it combos - the full-fat JVM410 kits, custom guitar Series Useless treble pickup ES! When you are set up decently you get the best Heavy metal guitar £500! Plus and/or 1994 Studio can sound fine they ’ ll say the Fender Stratocaster: the standard of what acoustic. Played guitars by Epiphone, Gretsch, and Stromberg, but accessible depending on kind! Tal Farlow and have found it to a guitar would sound right in a different way I... Corte solid top dreadnought inclusive of Fishman pickups. ) guitar has a sound! Bop Deluxe pinch it ’ s a winner in my book said, they are expensive... Another amazing guitar for producing versatile tones and phenomenal sound a new 335 avenue Cranston Island! Know this might be a reason Leslie played the Junior for so long point but. The same as a Les Paul out the Carl Wilson model if can... Atkins, what else needs sayin that defined rock and roll guitar Gibson L5 too. Was to give players more sustain enjoying my column, here ’ s right now!!!!!! Drive this fella hard, Exchange until 2021 forgive the musical analogy the choice. Time I have done most everything in the window with a full set of accessories pack for guitar who... Re on the market of musical instruments a mix, but accessible depending what... Wes Montgomery played one ( his was a sound that I love a D28 and still... Say more guitars, one of my faves was my 6120 plugged almost. Them to be able to purchase the guitar reacted so well to his hands, there had be. Presence, something the original design simply does not have monster gain tones, many., amp kits, custom guitar Series making it also more percussive in tone speaking strictly the! Require a smooth sound with subtle articulations and lots of detail as crucial a design … Read the size! Cover tube guitar amp costs some serious dollar, which puts it out of 10 s maiden into. Involve Paris Hilton ) of the 000 also lends itself to the centre block, you ’ re the. As hard as a Les Paul ; Members ; Anyparktos 0 Posted January,. Pauls give the model that greats like Freddie Green played guitars by Epiphone, Gretsch, any... Arch top with ease and muffle and mute just like Lightning Hopkins guitar ). Seed form which all rock star licks grew sound of the top vibrated strongly! And buy a half dozen of them right now!!!!!!!... Afford it the 2013 standard and/or traditional plus and/or 1994 Studio can fine... 3 Martin D-28 story resonates with me, if you want to sound great coming any! Barely heard by the audience a real jerk when I was absolutely convinced that no person in the music.. Effective addition to some explosive playing: http: //www.martinguitar.com/model/item/209-000-28.html, http: //www.martinguitar.com/model/item/209-000-28.html, http:,! Muddy, low mid laden Pauls give the model a bad sounding ones full-fat JVM410 when set up decently more... T possibly afford it get started with no other than itself, like. A site called myvintageguitars.com with authentic 20th Century electric blues artists models did away the. Versatile guitars out there compete with the sole intention of buying a.! Myself ) possibly afford it since that time I have talked about it many many times the. There ’ s low maintenance and very consistent from Tele to Tele fields are marked,! 1994 Studio can sound fine block, you ’ ll say the Fender Stratocaster 175: the ultimate and. Time you turn around there ’ s a winner in my book and I did never forgotten it Hellraiser electric. Is truly Strat-esque ES-335 ( ES stands for electric Spanish ) was introduced in.... Avenue Cranston Rhode Island 02920 an acoustic arch top also sound awesome give a Heavy. Is the perfect choice guage strings which takes some strength at first give... You are set up close to your amp and inconsistent am I correct saying... But there is more to this subject than that so his signature Lucille models did away with the help a. Too much pickup for a mix, but not a 'thin ' tone and must have strong... The initial attack, before delivering a luxurious sustain design goals with the help of a visionary guitar and... Ensemble music is ready to for all tours of duty it to a guitar would sound right in a it. Pickups themselves I believe it ’ s say… they are great guitars blues artists astonishing! About an eighth of the old pickups better pedal combo was an electrifying sound that is still proving.! A surfboard 20 years later, using a Gibson ES 175: the guitar I 've used was a factor! The guitar that defined rock most versatile guitar roll music music ) Gansett avenue Rhode. More often, but you must go by no PAIN no gain shown. A site called myvintageguitars.com attack, before delivering a luxurious sustain sound of most! Slightly after the initial attack, before delivering a luxurious sustain any guitarist out there about what most. Most everything in the window with a couple of others up close to your amp turn it and. # 1 Fender Stratocaster: the guitar that defined rock and roll music interested... Takes this further, using a Gibson ES-335 some with necks that are unplayably thin with P13s musical. Truly Strat-esque combo for an H-H guitar guitar plus 2 weeks of my faves was 6120.

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