With our modest incomes, my wife and I can usually afford two vacations a year. However modest these were, they undermined confidence in the dollar and raised fears of a trade war. 62. Examples of modest growth in a sentence, how to use it. 18 examples: After years of crisis, in 1996 the country experienced a modest growth rate of… I knew him as a hard-working, modest, and honest politician. Some cultures also stress modest attire for young women.Regardless of the reason for fashionable modesty, a modest dress can be an attractive, beautiful gown suitable for any formal dance or event. 3. Examples of modest success in a sentence, how to use it. Highly suitable for a small children's collection with, 83. You've been a There were far more profitable houses to burgle within a stone's throw of her own, 88. They take great pride in showing their houses, His tasteful interpretations never force the music into being something that it is not, and his temperament is well matched to that of the retiring and, The administration is, however, keeping expectations for enrollment numbers comparatively, Before the end of the war, the Ottoman Empire had maintained a, Derby dissolved Parliament, and the ensuing general election resulted in, The Tories pursued a Reform Bill in 1859, which would have resulted in a, While the pension did not make Johnson wealthy, it did allow him a, The three-door Mazda2 shares the same overall dimensions as the five-door and achieves a similarly, For Ringnuts who may be alarmed by the new ticket policy, there is a, The soft furnishings of these rooms, although luxurious, are more, She instructed him how he should keep state, and yet with a, She wore a sea-green, V-necked frock with a, Throughout the territory under the control of ancient Rome, residential architecture ranged from, The reader must make an effort to follow this exposition and is sometimes frustrated to find only a, Lace sleeves, a demure neckline, a full skirt and a relatively, He was born Napoleone di Buonaparte in Corsica to a relatively, One would expect squalor or heaviness, some implicit genius loci, to color McCarty's, Trudeau promised to respond to Canada's economic slowdown by running, The diet consisted mainly of the products of farming and husbandry and was supplied by hunting to a very. My final term results reflected an excellent score and I somehow managed to secure a, However, given his head, he seems to prefer more, Crime is infrequent although the capital area has seen a, Overall, the administration's handling of trade is a, Tucked away between the rubble of building works was my host's, The Shinkansen or Japanese Bullet train, which was capable of 130 mph on the rails, came into the city at a more, The analysts reckon consumer demand for laptops and notepads was behind the, The same firm was placed in receivership a week ago after efforts to sort out its, He serves it in a soup plate, surrounded by a, In addition to their previous tours, two studio releases and radio airplay, the band has already achieved another, If you're looking for something a little more assertive, try the half-Windsor knot, a, The grandson of Captain John Parker, one of the Lexington minutemen of Revolutionary War fame, Theodore grew up in, Contrary to what one might think, the short wings and the four ailerons give only a, We then headed to the visitor centre for a cup of tea and to look round a, Someone who is field dependent in one situation tends to a, The other players, I'm afraid to say, are a, He soon trades it for a mountain bike with a flat tyre and a, At high tide, the little bay looks deep and blue and can even develop some, Now he whistles through his teeth, lives in a, Zero and minus one John Dillon Street, are the unusual addresses for the pair of semi-detached town houses, both a, During 325 nm irradiation, anthranilic acid is rapidly and irreversibly bleached, while NADH emission undergoes only, It was not mainly the rich, powerful, or well-connected of Europe who came, but those of a more, As for Ken Morrison, I have twice fleetingly met him and found him to be a, I have to say that he was a thoroughly nice bloke, genuinely, Add a generous slosh of sherry, let it bubble for a moment, and follow up with a more, This is a remarkable accomplishment, yet Cordes seems really, Fourth and last, slot players can hit the jackpot while in the hole, or with, Recent attempts to revive viticultural traditions and make wine have met with, Jeans are growing back up to the waistband as women become slightly more, He was treated with blood and platelet transfusions and discharged eight days later with a, One of the greatest entrepreneurs in the country is a, Jimmy had another bestseller on his list and such an unassuming and, She works in the glove department of Saks Fifth Avenue, returning home to a, For three-quarters of a century, Social Security has guaranteed us all a life of, Emma asked Mrs. Elton about her musical abilities, and she was both, He said that although a lot of efforts were made towards the mobilisation of share capital, only a, Certainly, there are some good reasons why most property companies' shares should trade at a, In 1658, Rembrandt made his final move to a rented house in a, I would never backpack or turn a somersault or jump to the ground from even the most, Average rental values this year should at best increase by a, There is some room to read into the Beige Book some, My car has surprisingly poor traction, even in rather, She was not exactly a genteel lady, but she was, They were timber-panelled inside and were the fairly. As she sips tea in a lounge at the Greenwich Hotel, her soft-spoken, The backdrops seem, at times, suburban as Watson poses in front of the then, In other cases, autocrats have been forced to introduce, The fact of the matter is that rising inflation is setting at naught the, Every year since 2005, Margaret M. Markey, a New York State assemblywoman, has introduced a bill to extend the statute of limitations for five more years, a, You can see how Bettany would charm Crowe, film directors and Oscar-winning actresses because the actor is exuberant company, studiously, I hadn't been to this area in close to fifteen years, and the, When you have finished your liquid lunch, leave a, Poverty continued to rise until 1995, when a, Despite having been awarded 180m rials each for making it to Germany, home for the Iran squad will be the, State senate president Emil Jones, himself a candidate for the seat, noted that Raoul is one of the more, Quite often, the best solution is to repurpose an old desktop or laptop PC to act as your media client, since a playback-only device requires, Although many, busy in their commitments to the operation, were unable to attend, a, Wagner, whose significance to our culture is on a level with Shakespeare or Da Vinci, was a composer whose opinions were neither, For the recalcitrant, reformers might propose a variety of, Nonetheless the type-type identity theory has enjoyed a recent if, Before you attempt this risky fashion move, you need to attain the chest necessary to fill out even the most, They'll provide day visitors with morning tea or lunch for a, It is with great pleasure that I submit these, The artist would have given him a moistly sensuous mouth, but this man's. | Small, moderate in size. Vernon assumed a most modest attitude. Examples of modest in a sentence. CK 1 2273254 Tom is just modest. Sentences Menu. CK 1 2699024 Tom is very modest. Though individual programs do have some admissions standards, they are typically, 90. 219+20 sentence examples: 1. While Jim went to Hollywood to become a big star, he ended up earning a less than modest salary : 31. Even small independents are getting in on the act in a, 89. 25 examples: Advance 'diffusers' could recruit new registrants at a modest fee for each… Before the end of the Interregnum he had amassed a, 80. You're too modest! The book was only a modest success and did not thrust the author into the spotlight. Oh, you modest creature. Burley preached possession but his low-key, We are trying to home in on the talent, focus on the best stories, and we try to be low-key and, The fashionable citizens of the globe do not share our, Here, too, there was a tendency to remodel ruined buildings and convert them into more, The Windsor Castle will feed you right royally for less than that, This defeat very obviously hurt, with the backdoor of the qualifiers only a, It didn't take me very long to realize that making even a, In 1893 he relinquished that post to devote himself to scientific research, earning a, On another wall an assortment of breakfasts from the full monty to the, This slowdown would be reinforced by a more, For my own part I will retain a host of delightful memories of this very, Perhaps because the original inspiration for the silhouettes lies in book-size illustrations, the, And his life force was so strong that in spite of this, It didn't do any good reminding them that when I was their age I only received one, Scooters, mopeds or bicycles can be rented for a, And this spring, the core price indexes, which exclude food and fuel, have posted, Some unusually gifted people are able to demonstrate with, At the other end of the spectrum, organismal biology and ecology are making a, In the gaping maw of publishing, the independents tend to be, The critic is the professional misinterpreter, with whose errors you might compare your own more tolerant or, But there is also a big market in contemporary art and for, Sailors wore the same loose-fitting shirt of light white linen worn by landsmen with a, Marlin, a two-time Daytona 500 winner, says Ganassi is being, The police clearly took the reports of a similar find in Australia seriously, and last Friday Sydney police launched a dawn raid on a, He said it was accepted that spending would increase at, Some people who have not had a problem with alcohol use may be permitted by their doctor to use a, Australia has long had a remarkably good university system, and used relatively, Their boards give them stock options but in relatively, Thankful that she has the health, and the will to do most of the things she hankers after in life, nevertheless she is, The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome epidemic in China is a, Rather than play Russian roulette with big-ticket movies, financial backers have begun to place smaller bets, putting their money in more, The simplest way of growing plants under glass is to use a cold frame, a, There's a fear that the valley may grow from a place where people of, With a low surgical risk, carotid endarterectomy provides, Governments recognize the imbalance between men and women is a problem, and are taking.

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