for analyzing academic administration, and that the. Management is also defined as the process of planning, organising, ... political as well the models that point out bilingualism and phenomenal and interaction models. Even still, the rapid growth of technology in this field of education has outpaced research on practice, design, and models. Education is the main change agent in developing and developed societies. In what follows, the two models that have been commonly used to describe university administration will be described, and a new. model will be proposed. Administration and Supervision (0410) About This Test The Educational Leadership: Administration and Supervision test is intended to assess a candidate’s knowledge of the functions of an administrator or supervisor, including the background of information needed to implement these functions. MANAGEMENT THEORIES IN EDUCATION ... management of information and administration systems and management of economic laws. is a platform for academics to share research papers. One established distance education researcher noted that “Because technologies as Education is the main change agent in developing and developed societies. Diverse leadership models in the infancy of higher education would serve as the blueprints for its expansion to a larger customer base. reviewing distance education trends, the evolving methods of delivery, and emerging distance technologies is extensive. intellectual models. One of these commonly used models is the "hureaucratic" model; the other is. The historical basis that pointed to a need for external control rose out of the teaching and student guilds of the University of Paris and University of Bologna. lack is hindering research.

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