So there is a significant difference between Mulino Caputo's brown flours. Caputo Pizzeria is however the most versatile, so if you intend to use it both for home oven pizza and … The Caputo 00 flour range contains two choices – blue flour and red flour, and there is some confusion between pizza lovers as to the difference between the two. The “00” refers to the texture of the flour: Tipo "00" is the finest grind you can get, 0 falls in the middle, and 1 is the roughest. Both are ideal for baking tasty Neapolitan pizza at home or in a professional pizza parlour; the difference comes in the type of oven you will use. Their 00 flours are labeled specifically for fresh pasta and gnocchi, for cakes and pastry, for long fermentation doughs, and for pizza. Caputo uses high-quality ingredients for all their flours, and only minor differences. separate the different Tip 00 pizza flours. My favorite pizza dough recipe calls for two speciality flours — bread flour, which is easy to find, and 00 flour, which I have to special order. Caputo Tipo '00' Flour . Also called doppio zero flour, this ingredient is essential to Italian recipes like pizza dough and fresh pasta.Most home cooks don’t keep this speciality flour on hand, noting its slightly higher price and the inability to find it in stores. If you want to make Neapolitan-style pizza, which is thin in the middle and puffs up around the rim, seek out the more expensive Caputo Tipo "00" flour. Therefore, it can’t go wrong with either one! It is therefore more ready for long leavenings as it behaves like a 00 flour, being elastic, strong and performing. Integrale is the result of the full milling of a grain of wheat, therefore it contains a large part of the bran and the wheat germ in its entirety. Mulino Caputo, an Italian miller of flours that you can find in the US, produces a wide range of 00 flours, each of which are formulated for different purposes.

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