Also, and something that is sadly not the case with most powered subs; the amplifiers used to drive them have proven to be exceptionally reliable. I was very disappointed at the bass response of the MTX's, The mids and highs were much better. | I had an old (big, hardwood cabnet) pair of Magnavox 2 way Speakers. However, the professional comments of the people of this review board inspired me to give this Yamaha model a chance, and I could not be more pleased. Yamaha Yst Sw60 Subwoofer 40 Chagrin Falls Electronics For. Frequency Response: 20Hz to 160Hz. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | Buy It Now. C $25.94. I have to bang the back of it with my hand to turn on if I shut down power completely. on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community. I was stunned at just how good this twin 8" sub is. But this review is for the Yamaha YST-SW160 Subwoofer, so lets concentrate on this model for now.Who would have thought that a small cabinet containing two 8 inch drivers could produce such a thunderous amount of bass that it could shake your pictures off the wall?!?! All files are provided under strict licence and reproduction without prior permission or for financial gain is strictly prohibited. Active Subwoofer (1993-95) add a review. YAMAHA YST-SW50 SUBWOOFER SERVICE MANUAL ORIGINAL FACTORY ISSUE. Highly recommended, a sleeper grab one or two while their cheap on the used market, these will become a classic among subwoofers. It wouldn't be difficult, but in my case was no big deal and since large electrostatic and ribbon type panel speakers themselves are sort of unattractive; who cares? However, without the Yamaha's YST-160's in-line, the lowest bass just doesn't "blend" nearly as well. Manuals and User Guides for Yamaha YST-SW40. Speakers feature dual 2-1/2" pulp cone woofers with cloth surrounds. Type: single driver subwoofer. However, those controls are also a pain in the A$$ when you are first setting up your system. It also offers a Bass Action Selection System, phase control, and other useful functions. I have been building a low dollar system for the last 8 mos. I'm currently running a two channel system with Acoustat 2+2's for main speakers. This combination has proven to be a superb system for both music and home theater. I am almost Glad the 'ol Magnavox's blew!! All Rights Reserved. I was originally going to get the Yst-SW90 because of the reviews here about its clarity, but I compared the 160 and 90 side by side and they both had about the same tightness, with the SW90 being just a tad bit less boomy. I am running the 701's as my front speakers (see my review for the Bose 701 Series), the 301's as my surround speakers (see my review for the Bose 301 Series IV), the VCS-10 as my center channelspeaker (see my review for the Bose VCS-10), and my Yamaha YST-SW160 powered sub-woofer in the rear of the room. It fits neatly behind the corner table of our sectional in the livingroom, where nobody can see it. Shop By Price. Uniform, low bass. Sub Bass: 1 x 250mm cone. Shop By Price. Free shipping. It sounded awful; most of the time it is fine, but I guess the THX demo was a little deeper than most of my blu-ray discs. I have it setting between my rears and close to the back of my chair which makes for a good back massage!! Proac or Sonus Faber, or any SOTA speaker system that requires bass augmentation. They give the super-low bass, however, lack some of the "slam" of some larger cone subs. instruction/owners manual   - pierofaglia. … Subtle Depth With Good Bass Punch, Skinny Design Easy To Hide Behind Furniture, Price Is About As Low As The Frequency This Unit Puts Out. Not a true sub woofer, but more of a very high quality low frequency reproducer. The conversation begins and ends here. I've also used these subs with Proac Concertino's, a superb 2 way bookshelf speaker. Pros - They excel at extending the bass of otherwise fine speakers that are lacking in bass punch and extension. Even at crossing over at 50Hz, the directionality of the speaker was detectable. KENWOOD S1 M Speakers featuring YAMAHA YST - SW 120 Active Servo Processing Subwoofer system instagram @blantik_antik. and it went down to 25 Hz / -6 dB, don''t think SW 160 is any worse. It''s not the most powerful subwoofer there is but if Good used condition. air mover, and that is not where these shine. It incorporates two of the same technologies as Yamaha's top-line subwoofers: Advanced YST and QD-Bass. $300 OBO Both items in great condition. Dimensions: 210 x 475 x 360mm. Yamaha RX-V1800BL 7.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver (Black) and Yamaha YST-SW011 8-Inch Advanced YST and QD-Bass 100 Watt Subwoofer (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) for sale. to 40 Hz. While there were some units built with cherry veneer, most are your basic Black on Black cabinets that are rather bland if not downright unattractive. DON'T buy the Yamaha YST-SW012 Subwoofer until you've checked out the reviews Description Yamahas Advanced YST II, ... subwoofer yamaha yst sw90 subwoofer yamaha yst-sw90 attivo 100w 5ohms. 2 1 Read Instructions – All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated. Dimensions: 350 x 430 x 382mm The transition from front to woofer is fairly smooth, sometimes I can't even feel the existance of the subwoofers. Specifications. The world's largest high-end audio community. Overall it's not a terrible peice just medicore. This website is not affiliated with or sponsored by Yamaha. I am thinking of buying the HSU STF-2 subwoofer since my very old Yamaha YST-SW60 sub really sucks, especially when the new THX flower intro played on Clone Wars. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Merch. An area that the otherwise excellent Magnepan ribbon panels are somewhat lacking. Frequency Response: 25Hz to 250Hz. I took me about 2 hours to tweak mine to perfection. Goes low for the price, works as a speaker stand. High Frequency Cut-off Point (HIGH CUT) Control. Yamaha YST-SW120, YST-SW60 User Manual. They have velvety-mids, crisp highs, but really lack the low low bass, we all love. Free returns. The bass is always even and clean, and unless you crank them to the point of police intervention, you will not notice any distortion when equalized in a reasonable fasion.I had major hesitations in purchasing such a cost efficient subwoofer, given the fact that I added this to a speaker configuration that was close to $2,000.00! on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community Not a bad sounding subwoofer, my wife and neighbor dont appreciate the boom and bang, but it definately improved my sound system 100%, can't go very lowsomewhat distorted at very high volumn, I got two of this baby. It is also very impressive at lower volumes for home theater. For sale is a Yamaha YST-SW010 6-1/2" 45-Watt powered downfiring subwoofer, Yamaha NS-AP1500 5 piece home theatre speaker set, and 2 Sanus adjustable speaker stands. Yamaha YST-SW160 - subwoofer overview and full product specs on CNET. Design and Content © HiFi Engine 2006-2020, Vinyl Engine | FAQ | Site Policy | Cookie Options. Gift Guide. Yamaha YST-SW150 pricing information. Currently being used with Magnepan MG-3.6R speakers set at 40 Hz., flanking the panels, in a stereo arrangement. Up for sale is a factory issued Service Manual for the Yamaha YST-SW60 Subwoofer System. These subs do what few others can; keep up with the fast maggies, They BLEND, seamlessly, while giving the Magnepans visceral slam. The range of the Magnavox's and the low's were fantastic until I shredded the woofers. I went out and researched subs, and for the money the Yamaha was, by far, the best for the money. I got the open box model at Best Buy for $140. Type: single driver subwoofer. Forum. For a 120.00 smackers it is worth it,but the thing is so dam booommmyyyy and placement can be difficult. Yamaha High Quality Service Manuals Schematics User Owner Instruction Manuals print reprint reproduction PDF FREE classic vintage audio stereo Service Manuals, Schematics, User Owner Operating Instruction Manuals, DIY Electronics Repair Info, Brochures, Vintage Audio, Classic Audio & Newer. Lacks the slam of some of the other larger cone subs like, Velodyne, JBL, Sunfire, etc... Can be a little muddy in the upper sub regions (>100Hz). Free returns. Free shipping for many products! The performance is decent and it doesn't boom when listen to the music (which is good in my opinion). Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yamaha YST-SW60 Powered Subwoofer at the best online prices at eBay! Audiogon. Active servo processing subwoofer system with Built-in 70/100W Power Amplifiers. Yamaha Model Yst Sw160 Pick Up Welcome Real Yahoo Auction Salling. YAMAHA YST-SW60 SUBWOOFER SERVICE MANUAL ORIGINAL FACTORY ISSUE. They work best as bass extension units for high quality speakers, such as electrostatic panels, high quality bookshelves, i.e. QD-Bass, Advanced YST, Large (20cm; 8") Driver and 100W of Power Give This Subwoofer Massive Bass Capabilities for Home Theater. I had a energy that would kill this thing ,but it was also 500.00 more than this is, so I can say it was worth the 120.00, but I would not pay full price for this unit. Weight: 10kg. | But I am very happy with this Yamaha. It's not one for the doof doof guys, and it doesn't go down to subterranean frequencies, but it goes low enough, for listeners that what tight controlled very low bass to augment their quality main speakers. Not me anyway. The YST-SW015 is a compact subwoofer with surprising power, excellent bass dispersion characteristics, and the fine sound quality you expect from Yamaha. Lastly, they are not Gorgeous pieces of furniture. Productions, Polk, Infinity, Acoustic Research, Klipsch. My only advice; nail everything in the room down, or it may come crashing to the floor. If you are serious about music and sound, and want a brilliant bass solution for your home theater system, then look no further than the Yamaha YST-SW160. I just recently bought my second YST-SW160 subwoofer for my hi-fi. range. I picked up some like new 10" 3 way MTX's at the local Pawn Shop for $150/pr. yamaha yst sw80 subwoofer service manuals Media Publishing eBook, ePub, Kindle PDF View ID e41858532 May 08, 2020 By Wilbur Smith service manuals description of yamaha yst sw80 subwoofer service manuals apr 08 2020 by yasuo uchida free reading yamaha yst sw80 subwoofer service manuals we have 1 yamaha yst sw80 manual Holiday Gift Guide 2020. Their size and height enable them to double as speaker stands for bookshelf size monitors too. Your comments are what inspired me to purchase this unit and try it in my home!First of all, just so you know how I have my system configured, here is a brief breakdown of my speaker system: I chose the Bose name for all of my speakers (other than my powered sub) because of my size restrictions do to the recent remodeling of my livingroom.

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