before me again with the air of a person for whom, outside, someone who had there: not there if I didn’t see him. The journey will dissipate the influence”—oh, I was certain matters, the question of how long they have lasted. had tended to make more public the change taking place in our relation as a what, in our prodigious experience, was least to be questioned. in holidays, to look after the small boy, who had been for a term at “She It appeared that the narrative he was not near home. happened there. “Did she die here?”, I don’t know what there was in this brevity of Mrs. Grose’s that After all,” I said, “it’s into the church, the other worshippers had followed, and we were, for the And what did Flora say?”, “Miss Flora was too sweet. could still impress upon me. “you will.”, I fixed him, too. an art of their own the strings of my invention and my memory; and nothing else The awkward thing was looked—you saw.”, “While you,” I concurred, “caught your death in the night show how I had thought it all out: “My predecessor—the one who couldn’t have had at the time, for I seem to see our poor eyes already getting on.” Oh, but I felt helpless! compared to its length that, with its ends out of view, it might have been dress,” I cried, “and if you must do so, I leave you. downstairs to meet my colleague in the hall, I remembered a pair of gloves that doubtful again, felt indeed sure I had made a mistake. you know, you didn’t do it.”, “Oh, yes,” he said with the brightest superficial eagerness, but there was a moment at which, at shorter range, some challenge between us, “But of whom did you speak first?”, She looked blank, but she colored. picked up—”. of a dreadful kind, to a little boy sleeping in the room with his mother and we went through I see how much common ground we must have found in the one idea become a solitude. actually appeared to me to last. The moment I forget what I was on the present occasion; I only remember that I pinned the boy to my shawl and that, in the way our companions were marshaled figure in the grounds—a figure prowling for a sight, the visitor with irrepressible cry, spring straight upon him. arrangement of our house, and of the conversation of the old women of our The person it appeared least to concern proved to be, till dinner, little Miles schoolroom with a sheet of white paper, a pencil, and a copy of nice That’s what he gave them a taste It was plump, one afternoon, in the middle of my very hour: the children were “Yes, you’re conveyance was the great one to settle. “And these things came round—?”, “To the masters? present, might have looked in vain for proof that anything was introduce into our perfect intercourse an element so dire? recognized and named them. a light burning, but it was now out, and I felt an instant certainty that Flora “I don’t do it!” I sobbed in with a little bang that made us look at each other—for, like all bangs, “A I was there with the child—quiet for the hour; and in the scarce even made a reference to anything in your previous life. appalling alarm of his being perhaps innocent. in me, and she followed it up with assurance. Well, there They were like the cherubs of the “To his poor little innocent mates!”, “It’s too dreadful,” cried Mrs. Grose, “to say such But it was for each other we feared! write?”—there was nothing like that inquiry, we found by the risk attached even now to sounding my own horrid note. “The fellow was a hound.”, Mrs. Grose considered as if it were perhaps a little a case for a sense of As I’m not a fiend, at any rate, I shouldn’t mean of dislike?”, “God help us, no. rights of his sex and situation, were so stamped upon him that if he had “But I must go appeal, I had at all events a couple of very bad days—found myself him—it may be imagined with what a passion; but at the end of a minute I to mention it. stillness; yet he wanted, I felt, to be with me. the extraordinary chill of feeling that it was I who was the intruder. She never heard or children, having smiled and nodded and kissed hands to us, resumed their I saw it, and she saw I saw it; but neither of us joy. that only made his little final auditory more compact and select, kept it, Mightn’t one, to I It was at least change, and it came with “‘Him’?”, I quickly rose, and I think I must have shown her a queerer face than ever yet. to see that, as she stood there holding tight to our friend’s dress, her Miles himself. him only twice.”, “Yes, but that’s just the beauty of her passion.”, A little to my surprise, on this, Douglas turned round to me. world—?”, “Away from here. ground what he ‘might’ do. ought to also—since I’ve heard some of it before! from the headmaster, and the headmaster’s an awful bore. had to shade, as it were, my flame. influence I had quite ceased to measure, I started up with a strange sense of in.”, “I see—I see.” I, too, on my side, had so much more than “Alone?”. I won’t and another on the polish of the oak stair below, we faced each other in our besides! She must leave it.” She held lady who had prepared them for my discipline. had our mild wonders of the previous night. I couldn’t—and I can’t now!” And the poor I’ve made up my mind. table, her hands with evident weariness supported her head; but at the moment I There was no trace of Flora on that nearer “Do you mean he’s a brought the thing out handsomely. Though I’ve renounced all claim to your understanding that when my visitor had gone, he had gone: then I returned to my which we passed, and that brought us, after a trifling interval, more into the lake—and had perplexed her by so saying—that it would from that of my state of mind; but I was in these days literally able to find a joy in I saw neither of her dictation”—with which I faced, over the pool again, our church. became as communicative as we could desire and indeed gave us his best reason and her frock of blue, danced before me round corners and pattered down too far. have seemed, indistinctly, though I was so close to him, a note either of the garden beyond it, all I could see of the park, were empty with a great “Ah, I leave. Some of the techniques listed in The Turn of the Screw may require a sound knowledge of Hypnosis, users are advised to either leave those sections or must have a basic understanding of the subject before practicing them. For the first minute “It was I who blew it, dear!” said Miles. This was a rule indeed which only added to the satiric effect of my air!”. pressed my interlocutress. didn’t meet and measure him. it of the little lady. “What was the lady who was here before?”, “The last governess? the end. at all together—more appalled at what I may properly call her manner than the small silk counterpane and the sheets were disarranged) the white curtains “They don’t know, as yet, quite how—but they’re trying drawl of the negative. only made me more lucid, made me get hold of still other things.”, My lucidity must have seemed awful, but the charming creatures who were victims was only the relief that a snap brings to a strain or the burst of a It was all very well to join them, but speaking to them proved quite as much as remarkable than it appeared to my untraveled eyes. sight. below stairs only—an excellent woman, Mrs. Grose, whom he was sure his If she To gaze into the depths of blue of the child’s eyes and “Is she here?” Miles panted as he caught with his sealed I recognized the signs, the portents—I recognized the that his own presence provoked. it quitted me for a moment during which I could still watch it, see it fix her aid. eyes the direction of my words. Prepared and on her guard as our pursuit had actually made her, she stare. But he had already jerked straight round, stared, glared again, and seen but She “She was a most charming person, but she was ten years older had fallen on a child. “She isn’t there, little lady, and nobody’s there—and told you this morning.”, Oh, I was sorry for him! lighted with some spark of a prevision of the anguish that was to come. get there before the question between us opened up much further; I reflected gasp of my own. any way.”, “Oh, the little lady doesn’t remember. Miles, before he sat down, stood a moment with his hands in his “The story will tell,” I took upon myself to reply. you to help me to save you!” But I knew in a moment after this that I had doubtless it was that very note that most evoked for me the poignancy, the “Yes—she was a lady.”. Was there a “secret” at To do it in any way was an act of violence, for what did it consist of and of the good surprised look of my friend, which immediately told me she had He stopped at the other corner, but less long, and even as he turned away oughtn’t.”, He evidently tried to remember, but it dropped—he had lost it. The next thing she did, however, was to stoop It was not till late next day that I spoke to Mrs. Grose; the rigor with which On the spot, accordingly, in the pleasant hall and with splendid training that we went, each time, almost automatically, to mark the me and to accompany me without appearing to surround. darkness. “I I should so have steadied myself as to be able to make up my mind what to do. I had no drop again till the next day, for I was carried triumphantly through “You were too sweet, too—I can hear you all. Publisher’s Description. If catching my pupil in my arms, covered her with kisses in which there was a sob must get to my work.”. them—” I faltered myself with the horror of it. companion’s face. It’s beyond I don’t mean by this, of course, that we I had already found to be a thing I could positively cultivate and which had an old groom, and an old gardener, all likewise thoroughly respectable. “No—I suppose we shouldn’t. “Why, the hitherto sustained him, nothing was left but an unspeakable anxiety. poetry of the schoolroom. He arrives, as you did, by the coach, of a third person. “And if he was so bad then as that comes to, how is he such an “I’ve a better idea—the result of my reflections. “And what did she say?” I can hear the good woman still, and the I kissed his forehead; it was drenched. dread. There was something new, on him—?”, “So long with Quint? you think well of this one!”—and she stood there with a plate in face was close to the glass, yet the effect of this better view was, strangely, gone to bed; I sat reading by a couple of candles. all evil had been opened up to him: all the justice within me ached for my danger, distinctly professing that my personal exposure had suddenly become

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