But even if they find the other four warrior Clans, SkyClan’s time in the gorge territory may truly be at an end…. And for dedicated fans, it’s a long-awaited return to the era of Bramblestar’s ThunderClan, after the events of Omen of the Stars. Warriors: Goosefeather's Curse also includes a teaser to Warriors Super Edition: Bluestar's Prophecy. Nearly a moon has passed since Alderpaw returned from his journey to SkyClan’s gorge, where he found the territory taken over by rogues. Alderheart is more certain than ever that their only hope is to find the lost SkyClan and fulfill StarClan’s prophecy—before Darktail’s vicious reign puts an end to the warrior Clans forever. hallo!!! Whoops! Join the legion of fans who have discovered the epic adventures, fierce warrior cats, and the thrilling fantasy world of the mega-bestselling Warriors series. In order to survive, she will need to master the ancient arts of her kind -- magical gifts of cunning known only to foxes. Ive been thinking about these books a lot recently after voraciously reading them as a kid, and was feeling sad bc unsure if I would be able to read all of them again. . The cause of their ancestors’ silence is finally clear—but so is the terrifying truth of the danger they must face if they hope to bring light back to the darkness. For many moons, ThunderClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, and WindClan have lived in peace in their territories around the lake. SkyClan’s place among the Clans is about to be decided once and for all. . This dispute must be ended with words, not deeds.”, WC Clantober Day 18 - Foxtrap Aka ShadowClan watches Berrykit suffer. Welcome to r/WarriorCats! This post has changed me. For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their ancestors. The second book in this second series, Warriors: The New Prophecy #2: Moonrise, brings more adventure, intrigue, and thrilling battles to the epic world of the warrior Clans. Name: ScorchtailFormer names: Scorchkit, ScorchpawRank: warriorFormer ranks: kit, apprenticeAllegiance: GlenClanFormer Allegiances: N/A (half PineClan descent)Age: pictured at 24 moonsParents: Lilystream (mother), Splinterfang (father)Siblings: N/AMate: N/AKits: N/AMentor: WildlightApprentices: N/A-. This edition includes a double-sided jacket with a bonus poster! Warrior Cats - Power of Three Arc. The life of a fox is filled with dangers, but Isla has begun to learn mysterious skills meant to help her survive. ShadowClan has fallen. They’re honestly pretty shy tho. This stand-alone entry is perfect for new readers and dedicated fans alike. Their only hope is to seek out the kin of Firestar, the cat who once brought their Clan back from obscurity. squirrelflight & leafpool, night or morning, I didn’t like my last squilf drawing so i tried again with a new design, “Unite or die! She must unravel the secrets of foxcraft. Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues with the second book in the A Vision of Shadows arc. I found this link on the 3rd page. Warrior Cats_ Original Series 2 Fire and Ice by Erin Hunter.pdf. Warrior cats is about clans of feral cats surviving in the wild. Kami Extension - PDF and Document Annotation. Returning to her den, Isla finds it set ablaze and surrounded by strange foxes, and her family is nowhere in sight. StarClan’s prophecy has been fulfilled, and the long-lost SkyClan has returned to its rightful place among the other four warrior Clans. A group of rogues now rules the pine forest, and their cruel leader, Darktail, will not stop until he has conquered the rest of the Clans. Many cats believe the danger is past. warriors warrior cats wc wc art wc commission warriors oc warrior cats oc cats cat … IMPORTANT. Art i accumulated and made over my time in @horizonremainsrp and looking forward to many more PLUS recently added my third character boyoooo, Individual stories for each image soon lol, I did a Squirrelflight design for obvious reasons, My old ref she looked kinda wolf-like and was more pinkish orange, I’m going with bright red-orange this time. Now they are traveling home again, but on their way through the mountains, they meet a tribe of wild cats with a secret…and their own mysterious prophecy to fulfill. To read on e-ink devices like the Sony eReader or Barnes & Noble Nook, you'll need to download a file and transfer it to your device. Works with Google Drive and Google Classroom. In this Super Edition, set during the events of The Broken Code, respected ThunderClan warrior Graystripe seeks a path to the Clan’s future by returning to his past—and the Moonstone in the Clans’ old forest territory. so since ive brought this blog back there r going to b some changes to lore/relationships/etc. Follow. going to be trying to update allegiances, the icon, maybe even making a carrd- but if theres anything you’d want to see sooner be sure to let me know! Meet Scorchtail! In this Super Edition, get a glimpse into the past of RiverClan leader Crookedstar, in the time before Warriors #1: Into the Wild. Added. Packed with action and intrigue, this sixth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world, while dedicated fans will be thrilled to discover the new adventures that unfold after the events of A Vision of Shadows. Warriors Super Edition: Crookedstar’s Promise is an epic stand-alone adventure in Erin Hunter’s #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series! Now Isla must navigate this bewildering and deadly terrain, all while being hunted by a ruthless enemy. . Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues with the thrilling conclusion to the Vision of Shadows story arc. But now two kits in need will send him on one last journey—in search of a long-lost warrior Clan. I had to look through every result for "Warrior Books Online". Warriors: Ravenpaw’s Farewell also includes a teaser to Warriors: A Vision of Shadows #1: The Apprentice’s Quest. Whether you want to find the latest news, content and videos, or dive into the amazing new store, this is the place for you. This is a good substitute until I manage to buy tham all. This is a sub-reddit dedicated to fans of the Warriors series published by HarperColins. Both are warrior cats oc pieces. There was a problem previewing Complete Warrior.pdf. Full of epic adventure and thrilling intrigue, this fifth Warriors series is the perfect introduction for readers new to the Warriors world—while for dedicated fans, it’s a long-awaited return to the era of Bramblestar’s ThunderClan, after the events of Omen of the Stars. Dovewing, how are you doing? Discover untold stories about three cats of the warrior Clans: a ShadowClan leader’s path to redemption; a ThunderClan cat forced to choose between her past and future; and a young warrior’s choice to defy her leader for the good of all five Clans. Sitemap. Warrior Cats - Omen Of The Stars Arc. Now the same vicious cats that drove out SkyClan have traced Alderpaw’s path back to the lake… and ShadowClan may be the next to fall. But the warrior code has been threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger. Erin Hunter’s #1 bestselling Warriors series continues in A Vision of Shadows #5: River of Fire. Warrior Cats - Super Edition Arc. Then the unthinkable happens. Warrior cats is about clans of feral cats surviving in the wild. But as new tensions strain ThunderClan, Graystripe will need to call on all of his long history, leaving ThunderClan behind in hopes of finding an answer that might save it. I do not own Warrior Cats it belongs to Erin Hunter. The sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day.

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