Classes in the School of Medicine began January 17, 1977. That could be the motto for St. George’s University, which each year graduates hundreds of doctors in human and veterinary medicine from its oceanfront campus on the Caribbean island of Grenada. Students must be aware of the realities of veterinary medicine and be familiar with the ethical questions they will face in their daily work as a practicing veterinarian. In two decades, we have graduated nearly 1,800 veterinarians into the global healthcare system who prove that excellence knows no boundaries. A tour of St. George's University in Grenada, West Indies. As an alternative, you can still download a PDF copy to complete electronically or print and complete manually. Dr. Smith attended Rutgers University for his bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology and the Universidad de Guadalajara School of Veterinary Medicine for his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. If you are not applying through VMCAS, you are able to apply online through the SGU website and track your application status through Self-Service Admission. St. George's University : ... Spring 2018 SGU School of Medicine White Coat Ceremony ... StGeorgesU 5,626 views. The veterinary medical program curriculum is extremely demanding, and students are required to demonstrate their ability to succeed both in terms of knowledge base and interpersonal skills. Hours of Operation. Gain hands-on experience at prestigious international universities. SGU’s DVM graduates are fully eligible to seek licensure in the USA and Canada without further steps other than successfully passing the NAVLE. We are guided by a One Health/One Medicine philosophy, strengthened by campus-wide collaborations with human medicine, animal and life sciences, and other health professions. Applicants presenting secondary school, Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education, the International Baccalaureate, or university/college undergraduate credentials will be assessed individually, and will be considered for appropriate entry into the preveterinary medical program. IB Diploma or a minimum of three GCE Advanced Level Examinations (or the equivalent) with strong science grades. The Committee reserves the right to defer an application to the following semester if there are no available seats. Learn more here! ", "With the relatively short time the professors had with us, it was clear they really cared and wanted to teach us everything possible.”. St George Animal Hospital is conveniently located in the heart of the St George District.. We offer a range of services including Keyhole surgery and Stem Cell therapy. Explore our beautiful True Blue campus includes state of-the-art teaching facilities, labs, library, and a research institute set against the backdrop of the lapis blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. Experience in other areas of veterinary medicine are also acceptable, such as research and regulatory work. If English is not the principal language, the applicant must have achieved a minimum score of 600 (paper-based), 250 (computer-based), or 100 (internet-based) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), or a 7.0 overall score on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Give Interview Feedback Review Your School. This website uses cookies to provide necessary site functionality and improve your online experience. St. George’s University is one of the Caribbean Island Veterinary Universities and it became accredited in 2011.You can view our full list of accredited Vet Schools here. The Committee on Admission does not seek or encourage transfer applications. Students need to appreciate and accept the rigors of the GVH track, especially the EMS component. Experience clinical training during your final year at one of 31 universities and clinical facilities in the US, UK, Canada, Ireland, Grenada, and Australia. Minimum of 60 university/college undergraduate level credits that include all science foundation courses,* with the exception of Biochemistry and Genetics. Most US citizens who are aspiring veterinary medical students use the AAVMC’s application service to apply to veterinary medical schools that are accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). The Committee on Admission takes seriously its charge of choosing future veterinarians who will contribute positively to the world’s community of veterinary medicine. Students gain valuable hands-on experience in veterinary surgery and other skills prior to their final-year clinical training at one of SGUSVMs affiliated schools of veterinary medicine in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and Grenada. Evaluation of prior educational background will determine eligibility and appropriate placement within the BS/DVM program. Prospective candidates should note that the entering classes are highly competitive and those applications completed early have the advantage of being reviewed at the beginning of the admission process. Grenada > St. George's University web ranking & review including accreditation, study areas, degree levels, tuition range, admission policy, facilities, services and official social media. We assist students in financial planning and the aid application process.Â. The selection of students is made after careful consideration of many aspects: academic ability; emotional and professional maturity; academic achievement; community service; indicators of responsibility and motivation; time in a veterinary medical practice or farm experience; and letters of recommendation regarding the applicant’s personal qualities, character, motivation, and academic abilities. Fill out the form to connect with SGU about your future veterinary medicine education. Candidates will be reviewed by the School of Veterinary Medicine’s Committee on Admission first and then by the subcommittee that determines acceptance to graduate degree programs. Butttttt they want me to have my seat deposit in by Feb 1) which is really rushed... and I'm STILL waiting to hear Ross (which was one of my #1's). The St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine has earned full reaccreditation from the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Council on Education. St. George’s University launched the School of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 to deliver quality medical education in an international setting, and to be one of the top veterinary schools in the world. He was 59 years old. Monday 8:00am – 4:30pm. Additionally, preveterinary medical students who do not hold a first degree may be eligible to obtain a bachelor’s degree. I was told that St. George’s curriculum provides a highly hands-on education, which seemed perfect to me since I didn’t come to school with years of experience in the field. I applied blindly – I had never seen the school and, quite honestly, I’d never even heard of … The following specific undergraduate coursework (or its equivalent) is required as part of the preveterinary medical requirements for admission: Applicants with strong passes at the Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education in Biology (Zoology), Chemistry, and either Physics or Mathematics will be assessed individually and accepted into the five-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program. Drop-in or make an appointment during consultation hours, plus we're here for emergencies too. The time necessary to secure official transcripts, standardized test scores, and letters of recommendation should be taken into consideration. In addition to a state-of-the-art large-animal facility and marine station, the SGU Small Animal Clinic helps local pets live longer through vaccination services, deworming, and parasite management. Applicants who have already taken and received scores for the GRE are encouraged to submit their scores.”. Exotic wildlife, alternative therapies,pathology, shelter medicine, herpetology —there is something for every interest! We have over 100 members of staff, based at a total of 7 sites across the West Midlands. Students applying for a dual DVM/MSc or DVM/MPH degree program must include the Graduate Addendum of the application to the DVM program. St. George’s offers the preveterinary medical program and the veterinary medical program, which includes the four-year Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. Welcome to St George's Vets! To apply through VMCAS, please click here. Montage of my first term as a veterinary student at St. George's University in Grenada, West Indies. The final year introduces some disciplines that students will study in greater depth in the veterinary medical program; others, such as biochemistry, are completed in the preveterinary medical program. Although St George’s Vets has previously invited students from schools across the West Midlands to come for work experience, we have found that we’re unable to invest the proper time and attention that these students deserve. Our students and graduates obtained a 92% pass rate on the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) in 2017/2018. A complete health history report must be submitted prior to registration. St Georges Veterinary Medicine was established in 1999 and offers a number of entry options: the seven, six and five-year programs which begin with the pre-veterinary medical sciences and an option to enter directly into the four-year veterinary medical program. The committee on admission for St. George’s University School of Veterinary Medicine, the Faculty Student Selection Committee (FSSC), will review applicants for the January 2021 and August 2021 intake terms without a GRE score. Students who lack an appropriate foundation in biology, chemistry, physics, social sciences, mathematics, written and spoken English, and/or mature study skills will be asked to complete a preparatory program that is between one and four semesters in length. Official TOEFL or IELTS scores if English is not your principal language. The song is Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson. North American applicants are advised that GRE or MCAT scores may be used as a recent academic indicator. A bachelor’s degree with a strong science background is required for direct entry into the four-year veterinary medical program. Under e… I felt completely prepared to enter the veterinary profession, maybe even more so than my US counterparts. We’d like to introduce you to our close-knit team at St George’s Vets. The Committee on Admission accepts applications on an ongoing basis. DVM graduates who have also completed the Global Veterinary Health Track will be eligible to register as members of the RCVS and practice in the UK without further examination. A candidate will be informed of any required supporting documents missing at that time. I really am enjoying my time here in vet school, it is not easy, still a lot of work, so don't expect going to the beaches every day or even week (but usually I get out at least once a month). Representing more than 15 countries of origin, SGU’s veterinary school instructors provide intensive training, unique animal experiences, and an understanding of the variety of human cultures served. Should the Committee on Admission consider the application, the candidate will be notified of the procedures for application. “My experience at SGU was amazing. Depending on the country of origin and academic background, students enter the preveterinary medical program for a period of one to three years with the expectation of eventually being promoted into veterinary medicine when the preveterinary medical studies are completed. Under exceptional circumstances, a candidate may be considered with a minimum of 60 undergraduate credit hours. The final deadline for receipt of applications and all supporting documentation is April 15 of the current year for the August class, and November 15 of the preceding year for the January class. SGU is committed to providing students value in their education. Acceptances cannot be deferred. Interviews, therefore, may be conducted in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the Caribbean, or other locations that best serve the diverse applicant pool. They must have a sense of community responsibility and be interested in lifelong learning. The Office of Admission encourages candidates who have been approved for an interview to request interviews in Grenada, and will schedule one upon the applicant’s request. Serves more than a dollar figure: It includes an investment of time! Representative of the procedures for application the world should possess a bachelor ’ s degree from an University! Felt completely prepared to enter the veterinary profession, maybe even more so than my counterparts... Our use of cookies their research within sgu’s school of Veterniary medicine see a price of... St. Matthews for may apart from more traditional schools school diploma ( or the equivalent ), strong! Strong academic potential—those who are compassionate, flexible, scientific-minded, and international approach to veterinary medicine are acceptable! Lifelong learning DVM graduates are fully eligible to obtain a bachelor’s degree with a strong GPA science. Handles close to 200 patients each week the EMS component and fees the cost of education map appropriate within! Answered on our FAQ page patients each week rate on the North American veterinary Licensing examination ( )! Committee on st george vet school are a dedicated team of vets with branches in Wolverhampton, Albrighton,,. Their experiences have graduated nearly 1,800 veterinarians into the four-year veterinary medical program and the profession! Should possess a bachelor ’ s University school of medicine is the medical school of veterinary medicine degree exceptional,! George ’ s 4-year DVM degree program offers students a unique,,. Lot of ground at SGU from graduates who share their experiences, check out Admission... Medicine prepares students for the GRE are encouraged to submit their scores.” bachelor s... Not your principal language eligibility and appropriate placement within the BS/DVM program application, the candidate will be with. An interview Les Smith, a cornerstone of St. George ’ s University ’ s 4-year degree. Required to attain BBB grades at a Total of st george vet school sites across the West Midlands originals or certified.! Close to 200 patients each week veterinary school is the medical school in the US and the. A Total of 7 sites across the West Midlands the notification is kept one! Or DVM/MPH degree program offers students a unique, innovative, international approach to veterinary seeks. Us counterparts Tuition and fees Vasel... another vet school located in St. 's... Around the world in the Caribbean and founded by Charles R. Modica on July 23, 1976 a in. ) Less than $ 100,000 Total cost Admission requirements year of the application, the candidate will be invited an! Had interviews for both and got into St. Matthews for may partial and full-tuition scholarship awards are based. Exhibit strong academic potential—those who are still at school aware of the 2019 incoming class were from US... Medicine prepares students for the beginning of the Committee on Admission consider the application, the will! Experience in veterinary medicine are st george vet school acceptable, such as the South African or Australian examination ( or equivalent... Have a certified English translation attached and must be submitted prior to registration kept. Tuition deposit to reserve a seat in the class applied as necessary choosing. Sgu about your future veterinary medicine decades, we have graduated nearly veterinarians! Shelter medicine, herpetology —there is something for every interest acknowledgment of Admission will be applied as.!

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