Swimming Obstacle Race. Following absolutely no logic whatsoever, this sporting oxymoron failed miserably as a spectator whet. Race Walking made its Olympic debut in the 1904 Summer games in St. Louis, and it lives on as one of the strangest, yet most captivating Olympic sports. ", The 15 Inspiring Olympic Athletes Who Will Make This Year's Games An Absolute Joy To Watch. A game goes to 21 points. Even in the realm of strange sports, this is an absurd contest. Everything from lumberjacking to extreme ironing – the weirdest sports in the world are nothing like what you’d expect. Imagine the precision and form required to properly throw a jav. For obvious reasons it was eventually turned into a team sport, what we know as ‘synchronised swimming’ today, and everyone involved with organising the solo event fled to the mountains and remained in hiding for the rest of their natural lives. Toss in a soccer ball for a larger “arena” or tennis ball for a smaller one. A shooter was eliminated once they missed two birds, and obviously the person who shot the most birds won. Seemingly the early 20th century was a real wasteland for the Olympics, with the planning committee obviously sampling some of the world’s finest weed and chugging Moonshine in bulk. It has its own Wikipedia page. Well, that would certainly explain why everyone keeps trying to tackle the person who’s “it” in this strange sport. Frederick Lane from Australia must have felt pretty chuffed to be the only person in history to take out the Olympic swimming obstacle race. From Tug of War to Live Pigeon Shooting, take a look at the 10 weirdest sports in Olympic history. The courts are roughly twice the size of a badminton court. The literary hit became a blockbuster film series and has inspired countless games, collectibles and merchandise. The Plunge for Distance diving event lasted through only the 1904 Summer Olympics in St. Louis. When it comes to normal octopuses, they're usually only interested in finding tasty crayfish, swimming about, and picking their noses. In the Class B event for boats under 60 feet, Quicksilver became threatened by water coming in over the sides, abandoning the race. Since the first Olympic canoeing events in 1936, Hungary has won the most medals, with 77. Rather than going for distance, the goal of this wonky test of strength is to flip the pole to land as flat on the top end as possible. Look no further than this 100 percent authentic, mind-numbingly real, more unique than one-of-a-kind sport: hobbyhorsing. Trampoline gymnastics Players slap the ball around, and those hit in the waist (sometimes knee) or below are out. "Race walking differs from running in that it requires the competitor to maintain contact with the ground and straighten their front knee when the foot makes contact with the ground, keeping it straightened until the knee passes under the body.". There’s lots of twirls and flips, twists and turns, with judges assigning seemingly arbitrary points. And that’s how this relative of thumb wrestling was born. The main obstacle of the 3,000-meter race contains a small body of water in the middle of the track. Participants would dive into the pool and without using propulsion of any kind, gliding face down for a period of 60 seconds before surfacing, with the victor being the man with the longest ‘plunge’. The event was merely guys shooting at plaster dummies wearing frock coats from a distance of 20-30 metres. These strange sports – birthed from time-honored tradition, invented out of boredom and everything in between – are bizarre, wacky and wild in ways that many mainstream sports simply cannot compare. Being in sync with oneself seems more like an existential crisis rather than an Olympic sport, however it was claimed that the aim was to be in sync with the music. Literally named “game of the palm” opponents did not originally use racquets but rather strike with their bare hands. It’s similar to pole vault, but the objective is distance rather than height. The 200-meter Swimming Obstacle Race made the Olympic sport cut only once in the 1900 Summer Games in Paris with Australian Fred Lane taking home the gold. Official list of all summer, winter and historical Olympic sports. As you gear up for this sporting spectacle, acquaint yourself with some weird sports, and picture what the Olympics once was. The sport became a part of the Games in Stockholm 1912, and has both female and male teams competing. Following absolutely no logic whatsoever, this sporting oxymoron failed miserably as a spectator whet. Johnny Green – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images, According to the EI site, “Extreme ironing is an adrenaline sport which combines the thrill of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.”. Wait, what? I kid you not this is just a swimming race without the swimming. If you thought shooting at the Olympics was an eccentric event, wait 'til you see shooting with an air rifle or pistol. Everything about this pseudo-wrestling epic battle is fantastic. 1. “Red Rover, Red Rover, bring Kabaddi over!” Wait, Kabaddi’s not a person? Developed by upper class ‘bourgeois’ gentlemen in the 19th century as a form of self-defence, it largely just made you looks like a fool and as such the sport never struck much global notoriety. 9 Really Strange Sports That Are No Longer in the Olympics. The student news site of Chaminade University of Honolulu, By Kristine Lindborg, Staff Writer|August 29, 2016. Baseball may be America’s pastime, but that is exactly why it has become so played out. Winning a gold … Reminding me of my childhood days bouncing on our trampoline in our backyard, athletes perform acrobatic moves at impressing heights. As a women-only discipline, synchronized swimming had its debut in the Los Angeles 1984 games. This image of a dude leaping off a cliff with an ironing board qualifies as extreme in our book. A match consists of 11 rounds – six rounds of chess and five of boxing. Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, thecoolist.com is inspired by unique yet replicable ideas. Tug-of-War via phxux.ksdk.com. Climbers had to shimmy up a 14-meter-long (or, just under 46 feet in length) rope, and they were judged based on time and style. Arguably the most important position is the “ninja” – this player mans the top of the pole. From Tug of War to Live Pigeon Shooting, take a look at the 10 weirdest sports in Olympic history. This picture alone shows just how acrobatic and crafty players can get when trying to save or score a goal. Thankfully, the following five Olympic sports aren’t on the docket anymore. It looks like they’re hooked up to bungee cords. The long jump is a staple of track and field, while equestrian is one of the more elegant Olympic categories. As was standard at the time the UK and USA dominated with most of the medals with the Swedes harnessing their Viking roots to pick a few. window.tgpQueue.add('tgpli-5f8c1c11f148b'). Fights apparently get pretty intense and have resulted in lost teeth and even concussions. Teams of three must kick or hit the ball over a net without touching it with their hand/arm. How did this become a mix in the first place? We’re talking full on tackling, kicking, punching. For whatever reason, humans always seem to have a nostalgic predisposition. It may not be in the rule book, but wearing anything other than flannel certainly leads to a deduction of some sort. As a part of athletics, racewalking is a long-distance race in which the athletes walk fast for 20 kilometers. This must be the most ridiculous mix of sports ever, and there are no purpose of anyone being good at all of these exercises. 9. The Rope Climb made its Olympic debut in the 1896 Athens Summer Games. The Pistol Dueling event was twice an Olympic event -- once during the 1906 Intercalated Games in Athens and another time during the 1912 Stockholm Games. The Tug-Of-War event was held at every Olympic Games from 1900 to 1920, and to be quite frank I’m not sure why they got rid of it. What began with Middlebury College students’ silly idea to run around on brooms playing the game at their Vermont school quickly evolved. The name “duel” is a misnomer, since the “athletes(? Italians should’ve just named this strange sport “war.” Even the start of the game is intense – it’s signaled by a cannon shot. However, I associate it more with a hobby or a drinking game than an actual sport. Most are competing in sports that are, well, relatively normal. Instead of the artistic and challenging aerial feats that modern divers must undertake to walk away with a gold, plunging for distance required that competitors make a standing dive and then remain motionless under the water for a full minute, or until their head broke the surface of the pool. Bossaball kind of looks like sepak takraw, but on a giant inflatable volleyball court with trampolines. Racewalking Yet Italy scoffs at such fear of bodily harm. Winning a gold … Dressage is said to be “the highest expression of horse training,” and the aim of the riders is to make the horse perform a series of memorized movements. As the Olympic torch struggles to find its way to London, the world waits anxiously for the Summer Olympic Games to begin. A fairly new sport, trampoline gymnastics was added to the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. As a women-only discipline, synchronized swimming had its debut in the Los Angeles 1984 games. CUH Hosts 1st Annual Virtual Emancipation Day, How to Survive 14 days of Quarantine With Your Sanity, © 2020 • Privacy Policy • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNO • Log in. Unlike Quidditch, chess boxing is not another weird sport spawned from HP’s fictional wizarding world. Sepak takraw is popular in Southeast Asia. Rumor has it that merely attending the Lumberjack World Championships at the Lumberjack Bowl in Wisconsin (shocker) will put hair on your chest. These Are The Twenty Five Best Hitters In MLB History. The sport of badminton has been around since the 19th century, but it has only been recognized as an Olympic event since 1992. since. Then, they had to make their way over a row of boats. You just dive in to the pool and wait until you surface after a few metres. The purse for winning the near-marathon length race continues to grow, too. When motors first came onto the scene and mechanized modes of transportation were just catching on, the Olympics decided they could be included in the games. Fencing has been a part of the Olympic program since Athens 1896. Baseball may be America’s pastime, but that is exactly why it has become so played out. These 16 sports aren't so famous but they are, in fact, Olympic events. In fact, the sport has seen somewhat of a resurgence as a form of exercise. Use a bunch of wooden benches for a makeshift court or go all out with the real thing to make a roughly waist to chest-high octagonal wall. Yes, you read that correctly. But the Olympics hasn’t always been such a ‘regulation’ affair. Live Pigeon Shooting made its first and only Olympic showing in the 1900 Summer games in Paris. Suiting up and dueling in the CTFL is all about one thing – having fun. This wild game consists of 27 players on each team, and they’re pretty much allowed to brawl. It is a pool-based form of gymnastics, where several teams aim at performing a synchronized choreography on, and under, water.

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