Roman sciences that were preserved and taught to the masses consisted of music, geometry, astronomy, basic math, logic, rhetoric, and grammar. They were interested in conquering and destroying civilizations, the very epitome of “raping and pillaging.”  And conquer and rape and pillage they did. For the most part, the people spent their time forming families and doing their best to meet their daily needs. The British Library’s exhibition Anglo-Saxon Kingdoms: Art, World, War (curated by Dr Claire Breay and Dr Alison Hudson) is open until Tuesday 19 February 2019. The idea of the “Dark Ages” came from later scholars who were heavily biased toward ancient Rome. Much of this time period was spent deconstructing the culture from the Mycenaean influence as well as coming up with a new way of doing things. With this huge political collapse, the European society was forced to fall in clutches of feudalism. One shining light in all of this blood spilling was the Catholic Church and its charity. In order to denounce the Latin literature, he coined this phrase. Initially, this era took on the term “dark” by later onlookers; this was due to the backward ways and practices that seemed to prevail during this time. Monasteries were centres of production for most of these manuscripts during the Early Middle Ages. During this tumultuous period of political struggles, Christianity evolved as a strong religious movement that tried to unite the people of Europe. It became commonplace for people to be born and to live and to die all in the same place. }, 'google_translate_element'); This book was clearly anti-Catholic and it expressed the Papacy as the anti-Christ. Other great Catholic scientists were the layman Louis Pasteur, who invented the process called pasteurization,   the Franciscan Roger Bacon, who is the father of the modern scientific method, St. Albert the Great, who was the first to publish many scientific articles on the logic and reason behind scientific creation, Father Nicholas Steno, who is the father of modern geology, the Jesuits, who were studying astronomy and earthquake science  for centuries, Father Riccioli, who discovered the rate of acceleration of a freely falling object, Father Grimaldi, a Jesuit who discovered the diffraction of light, Fr. They also had their own form of writing, which was called Linear B. The Mycenaean Civilization was looked at as an advanced one. In the Gaelic Irish Annals and the Annals of Inisfallen, an unknown author remarked of a "failure of bread" in 536 CE. Summary of the Protective Eye of Horus Symbol, Ten Worst Terrorist Acts of the Past Decade. In the years following 476 A.D., various Germanic peoples conquered the … “The sun gave forth its light without brightness.”. Migration period, also called Dark Ages or Early Middle Ages, the early medieval period of western European history—specifically, the time (476–800 ce) when there was no Roman (or Holy Roman) emperor in the West or, more generally, the period between about 500 and 1000, which was marked by frequent warfare and a virtual disappearance of urban life.

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