Stillson is giving a speech at local high school along with several other elected officials, including Sheriff Bannerman. When I turned 30 I realized I no-longer had the responsibility of my youth; I didn't have to jump off every cliff or fight every big guy that started with me. However, that just serves to make the story all the more interesting,” he jokes. However, that just makes our story all the more interesting.”, In one of Bruno’s favorite first season episodes, Netherworld, Johnny wakes up one morning to find his life as it might have been had he not gone into a coma. Star Sign. Get me a report on this guy. (BBC America), Archenemy Starring Joe Manganiello Coming In December, Night of the Living Dead! Chris Bruno as The Dead Zone's Walt Bannerman. The high school music teacher was pregnant with his child and they were going to get married. At the same time, he’s totally open to suggestions on what our characters should be doing. “He brings an intensity to the work as well as a certain professionalism that raises the level of what everyone around him is doing. It’s not that he feels that there’s any sort of competition. Thanks! I have a strong feeling that I understand what Walt is all about. Johnny goes to Walt after having a vision in which he sees who the next victim is going to be. As noted above, photo copyright of The USA Network, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any kind. “It was towards the end of pilot season and I was starting to make adjustments to what I was doing in auditions. I have to tell you that I admire the show’s writers in that they’re consistent in the way they write for our characters and how they would react in a given situation. It’s just from a man’s standpoint you don’t want another man hanging around your wife. If you don’t see what you want while I’m here, though, please tell me. I tend to be a bit looser and more relaxed, whereas Walt is very serious especially when it comes to his work. “The only thing I haven’t brought to my character in. Chris Bruno as Sheriff Walt Bannerman in The Dead Zone. “A number of other issues are also going to be explored this season involving Sarah’s and Johnny’s relationship that Walt knows nothing about - yet,” continues the actor. I don’t need anyone’s help.’ But he’s come to respect Johnny’s powers as well as his integrity as a person, and I think Johnny has developed a similar respect for him.”, “I think what sticks out in my mind most about shooting the pilot are my scenes with Michael,” says Bruno. When it turns out to be a false alarm, the finger of guilt is then pointed at Johnny.

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